MP blames Government cuts for £11m overspend on services for vulnerable children in Sheffield

Prime Minister Theresa May has denied major overspending on council services for vulnerable children in Sheffield is linked to the city’s local authority making cutbacks of over £350m since 2010 in response to Government austerity measures.

The Yorkshire Post and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed last week that Sheffield Council has the worst projected overspend on children’s services for 2017/18 in Yorkshire at £11.1m – the second highest in the entire country behind Somerset.

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8 thoughts on “MP blames Government cuts for £11m overspend on services for vulnerable children in Sheffield

  1. I find it hard to see how any LA can continue to provide any form of decent services given the cuts in funding from central Government. If it isn’t their fault then whose fault is it ?


  2. Like most Labour run Councils think the state has a endless money pot they have all had enough time and warning of what was to come but none of them have looked ahead and tried to engage in proper asset management or using capitol to generate income whare the profits can then be Used to offset loss or stop wasting money and tighten up on managment not one of them have a sustainable forward financial plan
    Take foe example RMBC keeps loaning money to a white elephant called Magna which according to the accounts have made a considerable loss year on year but still gave it money
    You go to your bank ask for a loan and tell the manager I will make a loss so I can’t pay you back and see what you come out with ?
    Most Labour Councils and Councillor’s have business accrument of a pickled union
    It’s not rocket science it’s common sense ?
    But that does not excuse the Tory Goverment for also acting in a irisponsable way by giving massive aid overseas to corrupt countries and not directing more of this to the home market
    The trouble with most politicians they still think Great Britain is the world leader and we still have the resources of the empire


  3. Northamptonshire County Council a Tory run council issued a section 114 notice as it was in danger of running out of money.
    Councils cannot technically go bankrupt, however a section 114 is an indication of just how serious the financial situation in Northamptonshire is.
    These so called true blue, free enterprise cutting edge business men and women with their depth of business acumen could not make the money stretch.
    Central government imposed austerity is the root cause.


  4. Sheffield is still runny morons
    Have never come across Tory morons? They are common enough in local government.
    The Conservative Party is a broad church. The squires from the shire are not renowned for their acumen just for their inherited privilege.
    Know your enemy if you want to oppose them!


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