Hands off Stubbin Lane – latest news from Court

  • That any hopes RMBC may have had for treating the stopping up of Stubbin Lane as a rubber stamping exercise were dashed.
  • The District Judge ordered there to be a full hearing on 19 June 2018.
  • Currently the hearing is down for half a day.

Bundles have to be submitted on 5 June

The council suggested that the number of witnesses and the background to the case meant a 2 day hearing may be required.

The judge did not consider that to be a constructive use of court time and invited the parties to step outside and negotiate a way of streamlining.

On their return it was agreed the council would be content with the majority of witness statements being read i.e the witness would not have to attend court and give evidence and face cross examination subject to agreed redactions.

‘Hands off Stubbin Lane’

4 thoughts on “Hands off Stubbin Lane – latest news from Court

  1. Trambuster

    Excellent question Trambuster.
    The the saga is already nearly eight years on and not just about ‘arrogance’ but no doubt about not following correct procedures as Louise Casey reported in her Inspection of Rotherham Borough Council 2015.

    No prizes for guessing what the redactions might be especially as RMBC want them removing from Witness Statements. I think the public wouldn’t have any difficulty guessing.

    I thought that witness statements are statements of truth and thereby cannot be changed no matter how upset RMBC (or their ‘client’) might be. If the cap fits……sounds like something must have really touched a raw nerve or two.


  2. My understanding on this issue was that the Council was told to issue a order to the person to
    Put the land back to what it was
    So why do their need to be a further court case
    They tried to burry it not enforce it for some reason (I wonder why that was ) but push to make couple who they sold land to take it back to a piece of waste land
    Did they not do this to some one else in the Aston area if my memory serves me right ??


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