Yorkshire devolution: Ex-Civil Service boss steps in to end Sheffield City Region mayoral dispute

The former head of the Civil Service has stepped in to resolve the long-running dispute between South Yorkshire’s four local councils over the future of devolution in the county.

Lord Bob Kerslake, who served as chief executive of Sheffield City Council between 1997 and 2008, hopes to secure an agreement between civic leaders in Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.

The Yorkshire Post understands that the crossbench peer met two weeks ago with the chief executives of the four councils, who have been at odds for months over the proposed transfer of powers from Whitehall.

He has drafted a proposed letter to the Government on behalf of all four, which has been signed by Barnsley and Doncaster but is yet to be agreed by Sheffield and Rotherham councils.

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/yorkshire-devolution-ex-civil-service-boss-steps-in-to-end-sheffield-city-region-mayoral-dispute-1-9040939

6 thoughts on “Yorkshire devolution: Ex-Civil Service boss steps in to end Sheffield City Region mayoral dispute

  1. Reeed used to hold onto steve howtons coat tails whilst he was being groomed.
    Now he seems hes clinging onto sheffield coat tails.
    Time to take the child reigns off from emma.


  2. When did the tax payers of Rotherham give Reed a mandate to sign up to the South Yorkshire mayor
    Surely the people should be given a referendum on this important issue
    It was never on the Labour leaflets during the last election


    • The strategy this side of the road was always to engineer a result ‘fait accompli’ regardless of legitimacy or lawful authority – any evidence of consent can be fabricated retrospectively once the deed is done. There is a word for this behaviour, but such a word is not for these pages.


  3. Kerslake has the opposite to the Midas touch.
    All the gold he touches turns to rusty iron
    His last mess up was a hospital trust he left in debt
    Now he can bankrupt a region if you ever let him


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