A Wath Houdini Perhaps?

I hope I haven’t confused readers by reproducing this post, first published on legless

in Rotherham, https://rotherhamboroughcouncil.wordpress.com

The post starts here:

The health spokesman cllr Simon Evans seems to have disappeared down into his hole.

No one has seen the illustrious wannabe cllr for a few months….has he jumped or been shoved?

He has been missing at council meetings.

Missing from public meetings to listen to local peoples concerns.

Is he planning his next chicken run, to follow on from Rawmarsh?
Rawmarsh celebrated with bunting and a street party

As the spokesman he has been silent over the shakeup of the NHS and the savage cuts and loss of health services to Rotherham people. May be laryngitis?

No need to worry he will not be paying a visit to the local Wath foodbank as he is still taking the readies as a Cllr and health spokesman from the council tax payers despite his cuts.


See this information:
He has opened a bar (four ale bar) a real ale bar and gin house at the Stag. The premises were previously occupied by Lawrence Brothers DIY.
Company number 11061198
EVANS, Simon
Correspondence address
113 Dale Road, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, United Kingdom, S62 5AT
Role Active
Date of birth
October 1983
Appointed on
13 November 2017

From an observant reader

A question for Simon Evans. Are you exempt from the rules regarding interest declarations? I notice you have yet to declare Dragon Taps Ltd.

Simon Evans register of interests:





7 thoughts on “A Wath Houdini Perhaps?

  1. I have enjoyed this blog so thank you very much for an enlightening and entertaining blog which I feel sure will continue in your new enterprise. Good luck and most of all be happy


  2. Greetings from the other side of the World Rik… Kindest regards and every good wish for health and future exploits.


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