MP urges hospital bosses to abandon plans to “privatise” some services


AN ANGRY MP has urged hospital bosses to abandon plans to “privatise” parts of the service, accusing them of a “tax dodge”.

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey publicly opposed the move this week, after raising his concerns privately with top directors.

If approved, the proposals would see a wholly-owned subsidiary company created, to which porters’ and cleaners’ contracts would be transferred.

Read on…,mp-urges-hospital-bosses-to-abandon-plans-to-privatise-some-services_28775.htm

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8 thoughts on “MP urges hospital bosses to abandon plans to “privatise” some services

  1. Welcome news after taking him 21 years.

    He always resisted when blairites were in control coming out with warm words and sitting on fence.

    Lets hope he becomes more radical?


  2. Is this a VAT avoiding scam that allows the hospitals top fat cat, pen pushers to cut the wages of staff and off-set VAT?

    I thought tax avoidance was against the law, if they are attempting to avoid paying VAT should the board of directors now be subject to a HMRC investigation?

    Have Barron or Champion stuck their heads above the parapet on this one?

    A local MP working for his constituents, now that is a first!


  3. John Healey should be congratulated for taking this stance on this ridiculous tax dodging scheme, not castigated for it!
    Credit where it is due.


  4. Former RMBC Leader Mark Edgell is one of the hospital non-executive directors, I wonder what his contribution has been to safeguarding the already low pay of ancillary staff?


  5. Dearne leninist, not castigating Healey, for once a local MP is supporting his constituents, I would also say well done Healey on this one, keep the pressure up.


    • Albion it was not you I was referring to in my comment but Lab who has commented both here and on other posts.
      I think Healey should be praised for his response in this instance>


  6. Healey has the TUC background and nouse to run a public campaign to stop this cruel move to reduce the wages of hard-working and I suspect natural Labour party supporting NHS staff.

    A number of NHS hospitals are well down the road in creating these tax avoidance companies, they must have the green light from this Tory/DUP government to cut the wages of staff, however given the sheer incompetence of the government the finer points of VAT regulations may well have been missed, an opportunity for Healey to do what he is more than capable of.

    Very disappointing not to find any reference from Barron or Champion in any MSM, their Twitter or social media accounts on this issue, or have I missed it?

    Keep up the good work Mr Healey!


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