The Madness of Labour


Having just spent a few day in hospital watching the Labour Party Conference. Courtesy of Morphine and anaesthetics I occasionally tripped as in my wayward days back in the 60’s & 70’s. Sometimes I was unable to differentiate reality from hallucination.

That Rod Liddel, someone I normally dislike was able to give me clarity suggests my next hospital trip could be a psychiatric ward. Where I would firmly expect to meet strong contingents of Corbynista, Mumentumites, Trots and Stalinist. Plus a few Labour schizophrenics who thought they were leftists, whereas they are clearly Tony Blair.

Follow this link and tell us if it makes you smiley or angry at the madness of Labour.


Wil Ewart

2 thoughts on “The Madness of Labour

  1. The cult that is now the Labour party is unelectable, the current shadow cabinet, has far to much history and Liddle made that case.

    Totally unscientific and with an inbuilt variable of a BBC selected audience, a large section of the audience seemed to respond rather well to Liddle`s comments.

    Labour should be streets ahead in he polls, and they are not, why is that?


    • Not difficult to answer that one Albion. This weeks antics in Liverpool, straight after Corbyns attempts to cosy up to the Kashmiri/Pakistani community at the expense of the Jewish contingent of Labour members/supporters.
      Then we have treated to the ramblings of Lab a Corynista who is full of bile directed at anyone, even suspected of being a moderate!


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