MacShane puts two fingers up to us all! Claims £11,000 for two months and another laptop!

After much hot air from MacShane about the difficulties and complexity of the new system put in place by IPSA, comes quite a bombshell!

The latest information shows that, within a month of being referred to the police for investigation** over irregularities in his expenses claims including eight laptops in three years, he claimed £11,000.00 and for another laptop to boot! This covers a two month period,  November and December 2010 and although I have not yet had time to study them in detail, the bare facts are quite extraordinary!

Claim includes:

Two bills for “transcription,” totalling £246.

A ninth laptop, a notebook, £455

More than £800 on “office furniture”.

£1,600 on stationery.

Four rental claims for £1,450 a month to fund his London second home.

This last claim really takes the biscuit and a lot more besides! MacShane lives in rented accommodation whilst letting out the property in London we bought for him and upon which he now receives rental income. A disgraceful example of this man’s greed and lack of principle! For more see the MacShane Files.

Notes:**It was announced on the 14th October 2010, that Denis MacShane an ex-minister and a Privy Councillor had been referred to the Metropolitan Police for investigation on the recommendation of the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges committee. He has the singular distinction of being the first, if not the last MP, ever to be referred in this way! Quite a precedent to set! Not a record to be proud of, I would have thought?

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