Gillian Radcliffe makes her position clear and offers a way forward. What does Shaun Wright think?

Gillian Radcliffe, Independent PCC Candidate says:

Protecting the most vulnerable people in society is the most valuable thing that a person in public office can do. This is a central plank of my manifesto as Independent candidate for the Police & Crime Commissioner role (see
I make no comment on what has happened to date. Let’s be clear: the primary blame lies with the perpetrators of these terrible abuses, along with those who protect and condone those offenders, and not with the safeguarding authorities.
I want to focus on what is happening right now and urge Rotherham Council to take positive action. It is never too late to do something positive to protect tomorrow’s victims.
The police will doubtless be doing so from an operational perspective and investigations are probably ongoing as I write. The council can, if it wants to, also make a difference right now and this requires being proactive and vociferous in campaigning not around politics but around prevention.
For example, educating people about this creeping menace; using your community contacts to mobilise people to great vigilance to avoid more children being victims of such monstrous perpetrators; demonstrating that this is not about one racial community against another but about all decent people making a stand against the depraved; getting the message across to young people in schools and through social media. Take action. Silence is not an option and leaves you open to accusations that you are doing nothing.
I have ambitions to be PCC because I’ve spent 23 years in criminal justice training for such an opportunity. I have the skills and experience and I can make a difference. I want to beat Shaun Wright – and allcomers – in the election. But I will support the council, and Councillor Wright, in any action to end the awful exploitation of children. It is an unspeakable form of hate crime and we must work together to crush it. Let me know if I can help.

Gillian Radcliffe also makes this rather sensible proposal for the way forward:

Election campaigns aside, I know we are all concerned about preventing more abuses of this kind and we should be uniting. How about Rotherham Council host a (non-political) conference involving all the agencies and community groups? We could hear from some experts in the field and have break-out groups drawing up practical plans on preventing future tragedies. Count me in to help in any way I can.

Gillian Radcliffe

21 thoughts on “Gillian Radcliffe makes her position clear and offers a way forward. What does Shaun Wright think?

  1. Band wagon
    There is a lot more to this than you imagine
    It will be nice to see you at the hustings
    May be the Roth pol coach will give you a lift
    Should be room in the sidecar
    Good luck


  2. Gillian, you will be like a Lamb to the slaughter at the hustings. Do you really believe they’ll let you say anything remotely useful. They’ll turn up – that disgrace of a Labour Party – and barrack and harangue and heckle in their usual manner. Not just the Rotherham Mafia, but the Barnsley Dancaster and Sheffield ones – a rare collection.

    Paul Lakin in wrong when he says that the bullying on this blog stops Labour supporters chipping in . I have a one word answer – 8 letters ends in ‘s’ now guess. The reason some people may be a bit wary of stating their views is because if you happen to criticise the Labour Party, up pops somebody or other with a daft nom-de-plume or one of the Anonymice clan and hurls abuse. Let’s face it , it is what the left wingers do best.

    What has caused all this trouble? Basically RMBC’s attempt to cover up one of the most horrendous catalogues of mismanagement I have seen in a long time, and one that led ultimately to a young girl being murdered. Yes there have been other things over the years, but nothing like this. So effectively you all have blood on your hands, and I hope you can sleep at night.

    And even now varying excuses are being made for the total lack of any action to reassure the people of Rotherham that their children are safe in your care. Shall I tell you the real reason? That you cannot face up to the reality that these crimes were committed in Rotherham by young Asian men. To deny this is an insult to the many decent hard-working Asian men who form the vast majority. Every barrel has a few rotten apples in it, that is the way of the world. RMBC’s action is to either ignore it or sweep it under the carpet and accuse anybody who tries to bring it out into the open as racist, not realising that by behaving in the way they are they are encouraging the BNP, EDL and other extreme right wing groups. If we are to build a unified society then we have to stop believing excuses can be made for crime on the grounds of race or deprivation.

    I have had the pleasure of working in many areas of the couuntry and always there is something to commend them, no matter how grim and tacky some of them are. The saving grace of Rotherham is that 99.99% of its people are pretty decent sorts, Asian, English, whatever. So why in the name of God do they have such a bloody awful council, and how the heck can they ever be got rid of?


  3. Here they go again anonymous and jules, no political content just accusations of bullying and racism. Perhaps just for once they may like to give us the labour party position on the subject that casstrickland so bravely discusses. You can not keep putting out the same old mantra without answering the questions raised. By the way you are conducting yourselves on here you are compounding the way people perceive the labour party in our area, that they are bereft of any political answers. If you give serious answers to serious questions then you will be able to have a sensible debate, instead of accusing cass of sounding like a racist give us the labour parties answer to this serious problem.

    Dave Smth


    • You narrow mind makes assumption that I am labour supporter broader minds will see all I have done is bring your bulling to the fore of this site


    • Mr Smith – No wonder the residents of Dinnigton gave you a huge kick in the ballots when you were humiliated in to third place by Simon Tweed. You dont let facts get in the way of your obsession with the Labour Party. Just because someone has an opposing to you and some of your rabid friends you automaticaly assume that we must be supporters of Labour.

      You can shout, stomp your foot and pull your hair out as much as you want but the simple fact is it doesnt matter one iota and the simple fact is people dont want your brand of loony politics as evidenced by the thumping you got from Simon Tweed.

      Keep up the great posts Anonymous -))))

      Rothpol – Keep up the great work, this is getting to be quite fun.


      • Wow, your reference to “kicking, shouting, stomping and thumping” brought into my mind the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns arguing with each and elbowing to get 2nds at the pudding trough at t’Mayaz Feeust so they can fill both their bellies and their boots 🙂

        Right, rayt, reight, ROFPMSFL 🙂


      • Again the same old rubbish, not one iota of political sense, I like the language you use not bad to say I have now been branded a bully.

        Dave Smith


  4. Accusations of racism were to be expected. These people would do well to look at the website of the Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadan Foundation. He has spoken out publicly about these issues. Nobody is saying that Asians are responsible for all grooming crimes, but when they are responsible we should publicly state it. Things brought into the open become less of a threat because people are aware of what is happening. As I said before,fudging the issue and sweeping it under the carpet will not work in the long term – openness and honesty will.


    • Pray enlighten us on how its being brushed under the carpet!!!!!! From the little bit of research I have done, there was a serious case of child abuse which was dealt with robustly by the Police, prosecuted by the CPS and when the perps were found guilty they were sentenced to long prison terms. Where the heck is the cover up ???????

      like I said in earlier post if it looks like a duck and quakes like a duck, it might just be a duck!!!! I


      • Jules – this issue has been swept under the carpet on the orders of The Corpulent One, Dodger. He’s also been bolstered by the snake-like intervention of Ms Stasis Commissaress who snouted on two RMBC Councillors who came out on RothPol to express their support for parents across the Borough. A Laybah edict has now been issued Borough-wide that no-one talks to anyone without getting their instructions from these two highly-paid losers.

        There has been no civic media briefing session on this issue from Dodger, The Town Clerk, Lightweight, or any of the other Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns – unlike when Dolly Twin Peaks came to town for the Magna Feeust and Dodger could get his sweaty palms around her waist in the glare of TV, radio, video and newspaper publicity, urrrrrgh.

        There has been no information offered, no telephone hotlines for concerned parents/carers to ring for further information. In fact if this were a Swine Flu Epidemic we would all be at grave risk of losing an entire population because the Elected Members who should, and could have got involved, have chosen to take a back seat, draw their top-dollar, and continue junketing business as usual in the vain and forlorn hope that this problem will go away.

        The problem will not go away without the determined and active intervention of ALL those statutory agencies whose responsibility it is to ensure the health and wellbeing of Rotherham’s citizens – both young and old.

        Please tell me Jules, exactly what you think and know that Dodger and his shabby gang of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns have done on this specific matter to make Rotherham’s children safer this year than last year or the previous year?

        Over to you Sir, I simply cannot wait for your illuminating response.


      • Jules you appear to have done very little research. The report from the Serious Case Review following the death of Laura Wilson had been redacted and certain key passages had been blacked out when it was published.. The full report was leaked to the Times newspaper, and RMBC even considered court action to prevent the publication of the excluded passages. In other words it was a cover up. The Mail Online carried the full story here (not my favourite newspaper but this is good)

        Both the full report and the ‘blacked out’ one are available online If you can still support their actions when you have read these, then quite frankly I feel sorry for you.


    • Cas, I agree that irrespective of race, the perpetrators should be named and shamed for these sickening crimes and one of the reasons I lost faith in Labour was because I thought they were indirectly helping the BNP by brushing these matters under the carpet. I thought Shafiq did a great job speaking out against them despite the awful reaction he got from some people.


  5. RMBC have tried to cover up the growing menace of grooming and exploitation, two examples.

    RMBC attempted to stop the publication of the latest serious case review, one of the reasons given in the minutes of the Safeguarding minutes December 2011 was community cohesion.
    Thank fully one of the national broadsheets had got hold of a copy of the report.

    Compare and contrast what is happening across in Lancashire and it is evident to me that RMBC are being less than open.



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