Aneurin Bevan’s Examination Question?

Exam question for Rotherham Labour Party Members.

Subject Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Setting, a provisional Labour run Council, Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC).


Locally based company supplies RMBC with goods and services worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Chairman of said company gives gifts and provides hospitality to a senior member of RMBC.

Chairman of said company appointed to the RMBC Independent Remuneration Committee.

Remuneration Committee recommend increases in allowances for RMBC Councillors.


History question to follow.

Aneurin Bevan

19 thoughts on “Aneurin Bevan’s Examination Question?

  1. Dear Aneurin Bevan,

    Can I enter this competition please?

    I have the answer cos I got it via an FOI some time ago.

    I know that one gift was a Cyclops Speed Detector costing £240. It was given to the Corpulent One who allegedly gave a gift of equal value in return.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Jackanory, Jackanory. WTF?

    The donor was the Wicresleia Tricky Tree Hugger who has endowed a Northern Town’s walls with works of art that allegedly emulate those of Florence, italy.

    I’ve every confidence that Lightweight and the other Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, and Left Wing Laybah Luvvies and Champagne Socialists can see no wrong in this at all.

    Nelson’s Eye?

    They will say: “Arr, burrit’s all in t’Registaz an tha can reeud all abart it iffen tha can find art abart it”.

    Of course, no such answer would be acceptable if that were the response from a Chief Constable, Chief Fire Officer, Chief Ambulance Officer, or NHS Chief Executive where they don’t accept such gifts in order to ensure that they are seen to be above and beyond reproach.


  2. Talk about flogging a dead horse!!!!! With this one you’re not just flogging it but stamping it, shooting it and nuking it. Neigh you need to do better.


    I hope you can take the time to read this site it is a bit long I agree but it is excellent in opening ones mind to how bullies and bullying can be identified and sometimes the bullies may not realise they are the main protagonist
    Thank you Roth pol
    I will be looking through the web pages for other forums to try to enlighten others about how just one or two cyber bullies can ruin a good site


  4. Anonymous, lost the argument or can’t provide a response-resort to accusations of cyber bullying.
    Typical of your ilk I’m afraid.


  5. Again the anonymous person hides behind the accusation of bullying, the same anonymous who reckons we all live under rocks.

    Dave Smith


      • Dear “Anonymous”,

        Thank you for providing the link to that enlightening site.

        Although I am sceptical of much internet supposed information, unless its provenance can be firmly established, I think that there’s much on that site which just confirms to me the extensive, awful, demoralising and dreadful civic political bullying as is practiced in our town by Dodger and his Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns and coterie of craven Officers.

        Not so, you may say? Well ask Mr Arthur Newey of Dalton for his opinion.

        Of the Whiston gentleman who had Grald threatening him with court action to dismantle his garden.

        Of course, like all bullies, they never ever expect to be challenged, and much less defeated. And it thus comes as such an unpleasant shock when they are successfully challenged and humiliated and shown to be the civic low lifes that they actually are.

        For far too long Rovrum Laybah have operated without an effective political opposition – but heyho we are where we are, and I give you my solemn committment to continue to challenge, scrutinise, assess and call them to account in the most robust and effective means as my disposal.

        Truly, the internet is a force-multiplier for the ordinary working man like me, for we can exchange information easily, communicate easily and share ideas and aspirations, and shine the bright light of scrutiny on those who draw top dollar to govern us with our consent.


      • Thank you sir for looking at the site
        I really appreciate your time
        You do come across as a person of integrity and I hope you win the battles you fight for
        Although your response is still littered with examples of said serial bullying you will have read that the inability to recognise these issues can be a sign of mental illness
        I do think you would get more support if you used your good mind to supporting the weak to action the bullies you refer to ,you ,could be a good leader I am not sure if that is your quest
        You are right to hold the elected persons to account
        I have had 55 years experience of being bullied,bullying and the effect and assisted in the recovery of many affected by it.
        Just to Finnish off not everyone who reads this site are from this town .some.have moved away and want to google Rotherham this is one of many sites on offer
        So it’s not TTFN
        It’s TTFG
        Hope others look at the site


  6. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that somehow these postings are turning immediately into Serbo-Croat, otherwise I do not understand why the likes of Jules and Anonymous doe not understand English.


    • Ok last one it was due to my dyslexia and my physical looks and sex why I was bullied not only by the pupils but by the teachers
      Nothing changes
      I have just been retweeted into frankie boles tweets I think work needs to be done there
      May pop back in but sincerely doubt it you have confirmed your status as a bully and as an inept politician by all accounts if you ever got there
      Ps read a lot of entries and learned a lot about the old town
      I may take visit to a full council meeting when I visit the relatives


      • I’ll still be here “Anonymous” – Inshallah.

        And I’ve no doubt that other active and empowered citizens will be too.

        It’s been good to joust with you. If you are an out-of-Rovrummer then I can understand how you may fail to grasp just how resented and detested the RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns really are.

        But that’s my experience of them in my town, and of having to pay them more-than-Sheffield-CC to be represented by a 2nd rate grooip of dullards. And for me, my experience is instrumental in creating my attitudes and opinions.

        Drop-in again any time and I’d be delighted to communicate with you again and donate my opinions and experiences of life in Dodger’s Rovrum.


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