Private Eye on the Double-Standards Committee Chairman


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Was amused to find this piece in this mornings Private Eye concerning the expenses arrangements of Kevin Barron: More information on Kevin Barron, previously published on Rotherham Politics, can be found here. .

What’s new pussycat?


The starting gun has fired & Parties are selecting candidates for the 2014 Council Elections. It’s more important than we realise in single party places like North Korea and Rotherham. e.g. you want to vote Labour but the candidate they … Continue reading

More on Parliamentary Snouts in the trough?

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority  (IPSA) have an interesting website, its interactive and shows the expenses claimed by each of our local MPs.

I see in the period 2012/13 Healey is claiming for a Virgin media bundle TV, Broadband etc at £40.15 a month.

So pleased that my tax pounds are keeping this individual happy watching his favourite programmes, well at least he`s not spending our money on property development!

Our  man of the people and king of the trough MacShame even claimed £3.50 in travel costs for a journey in his constituency.

Take a look but not on a full stomach.

Aneurin Bevan

Aneurin Bevan’s Examination Question?

Exam question for Rotherham Labour Party Members.

Subject Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Setting, a provisional Labour run Council, Rotten Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC).


Locally based company supplies RMBC with goods and services worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Chairman of said company gives gifts and provides hospitality to a senior member of RMBC.

Chairman of said company appointed to the RMBC Independent Remuneration Committee.

Remuneration Committee recommend increases in allowances for RMBC Councillors.


History question to follow.

Aneurin Bevan

Guido gets there first!

Expenses MP’s Son: Media Twisted Truth

Back during the expenses scandal it was revealed that Labour MP John Healey helped himself to £1,500 to replace his front door, £7,000 for a brand new set of windows and over £400 for two televisions. That’s not to mention the £88,000 profit he made from selling the flat he renovated with taxpayers’ money. Read on…….

Neighbours Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

At long last we have the figures for Rotherham Councillor’s Allowances & Expenses for 2011/12 only three months after our neighbours in Sheffield published theirs.

I’m afraid I don’t have a link but readers can find the full table on page 87 of today’s Rotherham Advertiser.  I will let you all make your own assumptions on the relevance of how far into the paper the notice is with no statement or coverage by the wider media.

So here we go in 2011/12 Rotherham Councillors claimed £1,112,003 a drop on last year of 1.2% from £1,125,555 wow how impressive in an age of massive austerity cuts (not).

As readers are aware we like to compare how Rotherham compares to Sheffield where the figures were £1,356,705 in 10/11 and £1,328,178 in 11/12 a drop of 2.1% oh dear Sheffield outperforms Rotherham………….again.

Now for some more numbers

Average claimed per councillor last year

Rotherham £17651
Sheffield    £15812

Question: Rotherham Councillors what is it about your role that means you need allowances that are 11.6% higher than your Sheffield equivalents?

This figure also means that by simply reducing allowances to the same as Sheffield Rotherham could have saved £115,857 last year and maybe saved a few of those jobs they cut, but hey I’m sure they can convince us why their own pockets being lined should be a priority.

When comparing Rotherham’s allowances to Sheffields you also need to account for the lighter workload Rotherham’s Councillors have compared to Sheffield. Sheffield has 84 Councillors for a population of 552,700 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 6580 citizens. In Rotherham it is 63 to 253,900 a ratio of 1 councillor to every 4030 citizens.

Question: Rotherham Councillors why do you claim 11.6% more than Sheffield Councillors when you each represent 38.8% fewer people?

Now the big one what does each of your councillors cost you?

In Sheffield last year it was £2.40 per citizen
In Rotherham……………….. £4.38

There you have it each councillor costs every citizen in Rotherham an extra £1.98 than our Sheffield neighbours have to fork out. a difference of 82.5%.

So if we cut our councillors allowances to the same as Sheffields and reduced their numbers to the same ratio of councillors to people as Sheffield (a cut from 63 to 39) we are looking at a total saving of £502,722 based on last years figures.

Personally I’d sooner see that spent on jobs and services rather than on what are at least compared to Sheffield under worked over paid Councillors.

Michael Sylvester

Rotherham Advertiser 27th July: Row over £9,000 Mayor’s Banquet

RMBC: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .pdf
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2010-2011 .doc
Sheffield City Council: Councillors Allowances 2011-2012 .doc

Want a good cry? – The International Links Policy – Or how to make ‘troughing trips’ to Europe justifiable

Roger Stone, is off on a jolly to Bulgaria for four days this week! This comes at the same time, as a weekend visit to Rotherham, by the folks from St Quentin France, accompanied by Receptions and Dinners at what cost? We should be told!

As yet Rotherham Politics has not learnt of the purpose for this, nor which suckers are paying for his four day jolly. So is it ‘Jolly Roger’ now?

Roger Stone, (well the officer who actually wrote it) makes a stab at justifying the outrageous troughing sessions at spurious conferences that take place on a regular basis, but all they have done is to highlight the threadbare nature of their justifications. Most have no discernible benefit to the people of Rotherham.

Read this and weep!