Taiba, questions?


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Last week Times journalist Andrew Norfolk wrote about a group called Just Yorkshire and their report “A Health Check.” The report is a vitriolic attack on Sarah Champion MP dressed up as a pseudo academic study. It’s a nasty little … Continue reading

Woman in court charged with “stalking” Rotherham abuse whistleblower


A CHILD sex abuse victim will be tried next year for allegedly stalking a Rotherham borough councillor. Sarah Wilson (pictured), who waived her right to lifelong anonymity to publish a book on her ordeal, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court to … Continue reading

Hints at desperation?


Was reminded earlier by Albion, of this piece of intemperate behaviour by Jahangir Akhtar, published at the point when he realised we were serious about exposing the truth about the criminality he was perfectly well aware was going on: The … Continue reading

Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp!


Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp! Courtesy  of Labour’s NEC backing Corbyn we will soon be be testing out the political theory that elections in England are won by those who grab the centre ground. By selecting Theresa May the … Continue reading

Shaun Wright the front page man again!


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Our very own Shaun Wright has made the front page of this weeks Advertiser. Have been sent the following documents by Termite. Wonder what readers make of them? The Shaun Wright Archive: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/the-rotherham-ex-files/shaun-wright-the-ex-pcc-files/

Time for a reminder – Has anything changed?


Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation First posted September 6, 2014. Unfortunately there is little in the way of signs of progress from where we were when this post was first published. “The Police showed her a map of … Continue reading