Want a good cry? – The International Links Policy – Or how to make ‘troughing trips’ to Europe justifiable

Roger Stone, is off on a jolly to Bulgaria for four days this week! This comes at the same time, as a weekend visit to Rotherham, by the folks from St Quentin France, accompanied by Receptions and Dinners at what cost? We should be told!

As yet Rotherham Politics has not learnt of the purpose for this, nor which suckers are paying for his four day jolly. So is it ‘Jolly Roger’ now?

Roger Stone, (well the officer who actually wrote it) makes a stab at justifying the outrageous troughing sessions at spurious conferences that take place on a regular basis, but all they have done is to highlight the threadbare nature of their justifications. Most have no discernible benefit to the people of Rotherham.

Read this and weep! https://rotherhampolitics.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/internationallinkspolicy20069.pdf

4 thoughts on “Want a good cry? – The International Links Policy – Or how to make ‘troughing trips’ to Europe justifiable

  1. “To encourage cultural exchanges and visits; helping to break down stereotypes” – ha ha ha ha, ho ho, what a laugh.

    Or as Mr Creosote says “I’ll av the lot”

    Snouts in the trough again then.


  2. Booze ups abroad? Sounds awfully familiar to me!

    Dublin, used to be a regular destination for the chosen few from Rotherham, I understand. Maybe I should bone up on this?

    When investigating issues such as this, the best advice I can give is, ‘follow the money’! Not original I know, but still the best way to get at the heart of things.

    The Freedom of Information Act becomes an important tool for anyone wanting to bottom these issues out.

    On a different subject, I understand, that there is a deal less confidence in Council circles, in Karl Battersby’s answers than might be supposed when reading them.



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