Kevin Barron and Sigma!

More evidence that Mr Barron has a very close relationship with Sigma Pharmaceuticals.

After a 4,000 pound week long stay in Phuket, Thailand, for an hours work, our hardworking MP can be seen yet again sharing a platform with the Managing Director of Sigma (Bharat Shah). This time in the UK at an event on Monday 25 June, organised by Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP (MAB) in association with The Watford Chamber of Commerce, Sigma Pharmaceuticals and Independent Pharmacy Federation (IPF). Read all about it here.

This event does not appear in Mr Barron’s parliamentary list of interests by the way so we don’t know if he was paid, OR even his expenses covered for this event.

Interestingly this was all captured on film:

Note that at the beginning of Barron’s speech he mentions ‘Parliament’ and ‘influence’ quite a lot! In fact he uses the word influence 4 times and parliament/government 4 times in the first 90 seconds. Remember who his audience are! Astonishingly, he then lists examples of how his group has access to government and how it has influenced NHS drug sourcing. He even goes on listing influential supporters including heavy weight lobbyists Luther Pendragon, who by the way arranged his Thailand trip. (see benefits received by group from sources outside parliament section here)

Is it the case that Mr Barron’s Parliamentary career is coming to an end and he is looking to the future by hawking his services as an advisor around the Pharmaceutical world rather than tackling the issues facing his constituents in Rother Valley? As they are faced
with growing unemployment, poverty, attacks on benefits and diability allowances and real hardship, our Kev seems to be busy building alliances with multi national pharmaceutical companies.

Time to serve your constituents not yourself or resign!

10 thoughts on “Kevin Barron and Sigma!

  1. “Phuket”, or a Yorkshire phrase sounding phonetically similar may be the response that this Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown next gets if he asks the jobless, reduced-income, struggling Dinnington citizens if they will vote for him again.

    “Phuket” Barron. Yeah, I really like the sound of that 🙂


  2. Anonymous, the local and national media are already bought and paid for. An independent site is still the best way of getting news out. The biggest obstacle you have is getting people interested enough in politics to want to read it! (Yelling “wake up sheep” is not the most effective way!)


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  4. Would this be the same Kevin Barron who has refused to acknowledge or answer my last two emails both sent in the last 4 months?
    The same Kevin Barron who never ever canvasses for support but instead relies on the Compliant Drones to keep him in his well paid job in the HoC?
    KB knows his time as the Rother Valley MP is ending so like all the other MP’s who are leaving/been sacked he is making sure he can walk into another lucrative post.
    Loyalty? What loyalty?


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