Waste Collection – No Service? Some Progress!

Rob Foulds gets a response, some progress?:

From: Streetpride <Streetpride@rotherham.gov.uk>
Date: 17 December 2012 11:03
Subject: RE: Failure to fulfil corporate duties
To: Rob Foulds

Good Morning,

I have forwarded your email to the recycling team. But I have logged your missed green bin collection and if you can please leave your bin on footpath for the crew and they will try and return either today or tomorrow. However if you are struggling to leave the bin back out on the footpath you can leave it on you property but please leave it accessible and visible and the crew will come back and empty it from your property.

If you require further assistance or information relating to these enquiries, please quote the following enquiry numbers: missed collection: 1-342552982 and recycling team: 1-342557411.

Kind Regards


Customer Services Team
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
Tel: 01709 336003
E-Mail: Streetpride@rotherham.gov.uk

1 thought on “Waste Collection – No Service? Some Progress!

  1. Erm… what ? Does this mean the bin will be collected today or tomorrow then, and if Mr Foulds is “struggling” to put the bin on the path, whereabouts on the property is the best place to leave it ?
    Think Sabrina’s grasp of the English language is less than satisfactory, even for an employee of RMBC.

    Thinking of language :
    “I do feel sorry for dyslexic kids who at this time of year are waiting in terror for a visit from Satan Claws! ”
    Michael Sylvester’s comment on Twitter and posted on the ‘feed’ on Rotherham Politics.
    Is this really the sort of thing that a Parish Councillor ought to be declaring to the world ?
    An intended joke presumably, but totally inappropriate.


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