Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

A Parliamentary Review confirms what Rothpol has always said.

“There is no evidence that children are any safer fro sexual abuse because
of the Councils meaningless new paper policies.

Right then, that’s where we are. Bit embarrassing, but we can move forward,
can’t we?

Children in danger, action plans needed, leadership essential and change
imperative. We know our failings, so onwards and upwards through action to
a better future for our children. Zip and ginger, vim and verve are orders
of the day.

But hang on, where are our community leaders? There seems a resounding

Is Roger Stone alive; he is certainly silent? Maybe like Stalin, he’s been
dead a long time but none dare enter his bedroom to find out? Is the
Cabinet he leads in his bedroom?

MP Barron whose celebrated years of experience has taught him to mmmmm,
keep stumm and fill in a nifty expenses claim.

Where are you John Healey? Do you exist?

Give our Sarah credit she at least commented in the Tiser. With gushing
platitudes, yet no action and less passion than her Tweets about endangered

When we need a Bodicea she is a Constituency Stepford Wife, with guilt
about her undemocratic PPC selection leaving her in hock to the wrong
people, not her electorate.

Then there is our chum Asbo, Rotherham Cabinet Member for Palestine, Azad
Kashmir, Landlords and Taxi Drivers. Whose leadership for the Mirpuri
community keeps them in isolation and poverty. What chance is there for
children of the Kafir?

We are on the sinking good ship Rotherham. Our Captain has gone with Dolly
to the great ‘Caravan Park’ in the sky, or at least to join his company
accounts in Colchester.

The Councillors are on the poop deck rearranging the postal votes and the
lifeboats have been given to the Officers as part of the redundancy package.

But on the horizon we spy our rescuer; the foul mouthed pirate Cap’n Craven

Mmmmmm. Maybe I’ll go down with the ship, but many will put in their
earplugs and nose clips then sail away with SS UKIP.

We will not forget them: 600 victims 4 prosecutions

Thank you to Keith Vaz, the Home Affairs Committee, Ann Cryer, Andrew Norfolk and the many others who are doing their best to expose and reduce the sexual abuse of children through grooming in Rotherham and other British towns.

And then of course there is the Rotherham political roll call of shame. Roger Stone, Shaun Wright and Paul Lakin all of whom were in positions of power, who should have been able to help the young victims. Were they so totally out of touch, and if so why do we pay them? Then there are the fools, courtesans and self deceivers.

The Rotherham Council Labour Group members who refused to scrutinise and hold their leaders to account, the ones who voted against a proposal to call for a national enquiry and the men who in private called the victims ‘slappers’ and denigrated those who proposed the motion.

Of course there is Akhtar and his infamously propounding the ‘myths’ surrounding grooming and child sex abuse. His unconvincing repetitions of what the Council has done right since, denials that it could happen again and slandering those who question him as Islamaphobic.

Now is time for the Labour Party to come and clean out its Rotherham stables once and for all. After all, who allowed Shaun Wright to be their candidate for Police Commissioner? They managed stop Mahroof becoming the PPC, because while totally innocent he was simply the wrong colour. Whereas Shaun the Sheep, the man in charge gets the nomination for a top job.

Elements of this scandal may go national if Labour fail to act. Labour’s tacit flattering of Pakistani biraderi networks to garner votes starts to appear more shady in the context of its failures to tackle grooming.”

Wil Ewart

8 thoughts on “Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

  1. Excellent commentary on everything that is wrong with the Labour leadership in Rotherham, its failed policies on safeguarding children and shameful record on tackling this vile crime.
    The sooner we have a proper independent investigation into this matter the sooner Labour’s web of corruption,spin and lies will be exposed.


  2. A deeply worrying insight into the culture of a Council that has lost all sense of direction and values.

    What is troubling are those who should be getting to grips with the lack of leadership and actions, the three local MPs are just as bad.

    Why do we as a community allow Biraderi networks to flourish and exert influence over our Towns politics and the way children are protected?

    Who is being protected?


  3. well said!!! these 3 sorry state of examples for our local caring councillors play their braderiem politics to try and get a good deal for nobody else but for themselves. to an extent i blame the so called bratheries for supporting these absolute down right good for nothings, i call on the asian community to stand up and finally see that mirpur and azad kashmir are thousands of miles away so stop trying to make those politics your life here in the uk after all WHERE have those politics got us? NOWHERE i tell you, our fore fathers came here to give us and get us a better life away from thugs like these 3 we are following. Open your eyes and smell the kashmir coffee beans, these asian “brother councillors” of ours are only your brother the 4 weeks before the election. Come on put your hand on your heart and ask yourself “when was the last time you saw them other than at a funeral or local wedding…… they actually let the phone ring when they see your number because they know you actually may need the help they promised you back when they were begging for your vote. You get sick of calling them now you actually need them………….wake up and STAND up, show your spine a little, don’t be scared of them they aren’t one below god they are just human like you, live your life freely not under there threats and intimidation!!!!!


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