How many more children must suffer?

Five men were arrested today as part of a major police inquiry into the alleged sexual abuse and exploitation of a young teenage girl.

More than 50 police officers took part in a co-ordinated series of raids at 11 addresses in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Detectives were this afternoon continuing to seek additional members of the suspected sex-grooming network. Read on…

6 thoughts on “How many more children must suffer?

  1. 50 officers taking part in raids in Manchester, great target the criminals, make them look over their collars, make them feel the police are after them, make their lives are miserable as possible, disrupt their activities, stop and search, keep the pressure up.

    And now back to Rotherham, Wellgate becomes a no-go area for the police, people are beaten up and still no court appearances.

    Jessica informs the police about her abuse in March and what happens?

    Nothing, absolutely nothing!

    The local Supt should hand in his resignation.

    Percy Sillito would have demoted this man on the spot!


  2. I have just watched a documentary on the civil rights march on Washington. People standing up against the powers that be in a time when communications were basic. This is the 21st century, why can’t the people of Rotherham get together, using all means of social media, and demand from our small fry powers of the council that something is done. Surely it’s time to stop being political and demand answers by way of protest. I’m willing to march on the council offices, who else wants to stand up and be counted for our children.


  3. Try this opportunity to ask some questions:

    Rotherham MP’s to meet with VCS

    Three of our local MP’s John Healey, Sarah Champion and Kevin Barron will join us to discuss key issues locally and regionally and give you the opportunity to inform our MP’s of your views and contribute towards lobbying our representatives to support the sector in Rotherham.

    This event is open to voluntary and community groups based in or working in Rotherham.

    To book your FREE place please contact Sarah Kelly on or 01709 834467.

    Date: Friday 20th September 2013
    Time: 2pm – 3pm (Registration 1.45pm)
    Venue: The Spectrum, Coke Hill, Rotherham S60 2HX


    • I have emailed John Healey already, and had a reply checking whether I was his constituent. I will go to this meeting but I’m more interested in what the outraged people of Rotherham wish to do. I have lost faith in politicians due to their silence. I have lived in Rotherham all my life, my daughter was born here, lives here but I don’t want her growing up in a town that turns a blind eye to something like this. If I was in a position of influence I would be organizing something more than a q&a session.


  4. No one had a clue what was going on. The police weren’t prepared when it broke. Their interviewing of the victims was a shambles. The case took two years to get to court and I think it was fortunate that the majority of those charged were convicted.


    • The main perpetrator is still out there taking the Mickey out of our so called law, that’s what Andrew Norfolk is eluding to. How can that be possible. This poor girl has had to deal with being abused and now must be in total fear all over again. Is this how we treat victims.


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