Seems developments are on the way!

Gareth Dennison’s two tweets:

Gareth Dennison ‏@GarethAtWork

Rotherham Council has announced an independent enquiry into child sexual exploitation.

Gareth Dennison ‏@GarethAtWork

Martin Kimber will give details of how the CSE inquiry will work on September 18. See Friday’s paper for more.

So there you have it! With Rothpol’s thanks go to Gareth.

More information? Please let us know. Rothpol.


1 thought on “Seems developments are on the way!

  1. Hope the Advertiser has now woken up to the fact that Rotherham’s problems need proper investigation and reporting of the truth must follow?

    That is what local newspapers have a public duty to do, they must keep up proper scrutiny of our very own house of cards! That is what the ‘Fourth Estate’ is for!


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