Advertiser Poll

The ‘Tiser is running a new poll on their website.

They pose the following question:

Should Council and Police chiefs resign over grooming scandal?

So far 98.6% say yes and just 1.4% say no!

Have your vote  here,

Thanks to our spotter for this.

6 thoughts on “Advertiser Poll

  1. Might it be too much to expect the results of this to get to those actually responsible ?
    Of course, the 1.4% – and others – will say that the results of an anonymous online poll is not reliable or verifiable.
    I would be the first to put my name to a poll that asks this question and am sure would many others. How about setting it up rothpol ?


    • Maybe something on one of the petition sites would be a better idea.
      It is hard to take the Advertiser poll seriously, when:
      1. the yes/no ratio has hardly budged all day, given the publicity Rothpol has given it.
      2. they don’t say how many people have voted.
      3. everything you say about the reliability of on-line polls.


  2. It will be intresting what the letters pages say.

    If the council have the bottle to reply for the notareity they have gave our town to rival the sexploited in Manilla.

    Whether any more labour party members speak out about the grooming coverup by our shy cllrs.


  3. So the demands for an independent investigation seem to have hit the mark.

    No doubt had pressure from outside of Rotherham to heed all protests. No doubt council will be miffed.

    Hang on.
    Lets wait for terms of reference and its head and the team who are conducting it?


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