Wellgate Riots – No Progress?

A timely reminder of unresolved issues on Wellgate. Is political interference part of the problem? Community Cohesion? Biraderism?

Wellgate Riots – 3rd Class Policing for a 3rd Class Town

“One thing we also learned in the disorder is that if we can get people in court fast and get them sentenced it acts as a deterrent – it made people think twice”. “They could see the criminal justice system … Continue reading

Rotherham, a scary place where the Police can no longer be trusted

South Yorkshire Police(SYP) appear to have colluded in an outrageous programme of misinformation aimed at supporting an individual politician, Jahangir Akhtar. They are quoted as saying “[SYP]has now completed the inquiry and found no evidence to substantiate the claims”. The … Continue reading

Justice for Wellgate?

It is now three months since the so called “Wellgate Riots” and still no news about the men who were arrested. Are they to be prosecuted or not? Everyone in the community, Asian and European, is horrified at the apparent … Continue reading

Is Justice working in Rotherham – anyone remember the Wellgate riots?

Over a hundred people involved in street fights, talk of Mafia like racketeering, allegations that party politics may be protecting the guilty, a district of Rotherham in effect locked down at night and Police moving in packs to keep the … Continue reading

There must be a better explanation for riots in Broom?

Information is coming in that points to a different explanation of the incredible events in Broom on Tuesday night? Tomorrows Advertiser leads on this story, which should make interesting reading in the morning. This can be viewed thanks to Gareth … Continue reading

6 thoughts on “Wellgate Riots – No Progress?

  1. Whats happened to asbo and moofy there backing the people who started the riots in wellgate.
    I just dont understand why there have not not let go off this case, it has been going on for ages, the innocent people who should have never been locked up, should sue the RMBC for neglective and failure of how to solve the problem of the wellgate riot and these two councillors should be put on trial for not helping our community, wheres the community cohesion there talk about, there are shame to our community, I am sure wellgate people will tell you, there are shame to everyone in Rotherham and community.
    Shame upon “Luck Duck and Dive” and “ASBO”
    Both are let down our community in Rotherham.


  2. The only people those 2 useless bits of excrement will protect is themselves and their thugs ‘friends’. There has been no support for any Wellgate victims from any recognised body (other than the NHS). Councillors, community leaders (so called by themselves), police, chief inspector, PC Arif (lol) did nothing to help and support the victims – if they say they did then they are liars.
    A lot of effort went into trying to ‘frame’ the innocents for actions they did not commit. We have a police force who lies to cover their own neck and those of their ‘mates’, who will bully, threaten and victimise the innocents. Hours of policing to ‘creatively build up a case’ – (lol I saw the volumes of paperwork and thought what a load of b……) and for what????
    CPS says there is no case – happy days for the Sabir thugs who are free to fight again. They can’t help it – it in their conditioning. You know abusive father and all that……. cba to go into all that again seeing as it has been said months ago
    Who has really won here? The vicitms or the Sabirs.
    Sabirs thought they were *hysterical laughter* ‘hard’ – showing one kid they could steal and others how they beat up children and an old man. They got their ‘mates’ to do what they always do and that it is to look the other way and falsify evidence. While there is always someone who has the resources to pay off people we will always have corruption – so I suppose the Sabirs will assume that they won.
    If I were to look at it as the Sabirs getting the 2nd biggest scare (first one given by the guys from the car wash – lol) of their lives then I would say the victims they hurt have won. Sabirs thought they could steal a phone, beat children and an old man and get a way with it. Look where it got them? – smashed up cars and they lived in terror for their lives or a few weeks (*sob* that’s what they told the police anyway). I am not a violent person but I personally think that the Sabirs deserved the scare and the riot was the best thing to happen in Wellgate.
    The reality is the victims are not scared. To defend the innocent, Wellgate will take the thugs on again with or without the support of lying two faced police ‘officers’, corrupt councillors and cry baby community leaders.
    Wellgate showed the police and the thugs that they stood united – TOGETHER.
    Rosie Rabbit


  3. lets hope the rioters get life sentences.. they will love the halal food ( horse meat) and the fun and games in the showers.


  4. Unfortunately, ‘independent observer’ you will have to enjoy the horse meat by yourself
    The riot case went to the CPS and was dropped – lol must have been a big blow for the police who had spent many many many *yawn* months ‘investigating’. And as for justice being served – maybe if the police had conducted an impartial investigation they would have had a case which the CPS would be prepared to take into court.
    Personally I couldn’t have cared less about about whether anyone got prosecuted for the riots or not as long as the Sabirs were seen to be suffering! I live in Wellgate and like many others I don’t pretend to like them. The two-faced a…-kissers who suck up to this horrible family deserve what they get when there is a fall out.
    So before anyone gets their knickers in a twist – yes I work full-time and yes I pay my taxes.
    Just my opinion!


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