Crickey Sonia!

The quite wonderful Crikey, the antipodean private eye, brings us a news update on Sonia Sharp.

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Crikey Sonja Sharp12_07_2014

Looks like trouble ahead?

19 thoughts on “Crickey Sonia!

  1. It is also interesting that, around the times of the local child abuse exposures, the association of the organisation Common Purpose and alleged corporate insider dealing with Sonia Sharpe as its promoter was a significant factor. It is therefore very interesting that, around the time Sonia Sharpe went to Oz, Common Purpose set up a local branch in Oz to expand its business there. Was this just a coincidence or is any alleged association cynical ? Please ask this of Crikey !


  2. I have to smile whenever someone refers to Common Purpose (CP) as a left wing (Fabian) equivalent to the Freemasons. I do so because I am member, and proudly, of the Fabians and some years ago attended two out what I think were ten days of the then Common Purpose entry course.
    I like the Fabians because their articles and analysis tends to be intelligent and thoughtful. A socialist group whose main attraction is that they aren’t powerful and nor do they seek to ‘control’ key committes or decision making in the LP or elsewhere other than through articles and polemics on economic and social issues. To many we are a bit boring, certainly when compared to the soap opera like doings of the Trade Union and Parliamentary wings of the LP.
    I attended a bit of Common Purpose because my then boss asked me to. He had volunteered himself in a moment of good intentions(probably alcohol fueled), before realising how dull it was and asking me to cover for him. It was dull.
    At no time did I suspect that the tutors were about to enveigle me into an international conspiracy or knee baring, chest beating Masonic type group. Most of my fellow trainees looked equally bored. Luckily I was senior enough in my organisation to drop out, others saw it as a few days off from the usual grind and I saw no zealots.
    I even knew personally the two tutors from my first session. University lecturers, they only saw Common Purpose as a source of training revenue for their department. I occasionally bump into several others who had completed the course and non have gone on to greater things than I who flunked out.
    Reading some of the conspiracy theorists made me look back to find the source of concen. Guess what? The most definitive expression of concern was a so called exposé article in the Daily Mail.
    It was dreadful, with a standard of proof and evidence that was laughable. Essentially the logic was along the lines of x went on a CP course and now works as Police officer in a department where officers carriy guns. Such and such a person was shot by another officer, therefore CP are behind a shoot to kill policy!
    In my case I am a Blades supporter who worked with the Probation Service, and therefore Blades fans are behind the short sentence given to Nick Coulson, and Rebecca Brooks getting off scot free. Of course I have a Jewish friend (a drama teacher) who was able to use his brethren in the Judiciary (ask Naz Ahmed about that one) to manipulate the jury and judge.
    My writing this piece is part of CP’s campaign of deliberate misinformation to undermine the writings of such great and influential analysts as Martin, and the fear that they may bring down CP’S great conspiracy to, ummmmm, aaah, thingy, whatsit the world with the intention making everything a bit worse for you lot and ensure Germany wins the World Cup.
    Or maybe we should just stick to proving that Sonia was a rubbish Director of Children’s Services? Facts and evidence appreciated.


    • CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation. Agree or disagree Wil?

      Sonia Sharp and Joyce Thacker are both members of CP and while I do not hold strong views on Conspiracy Theory-v-Common Purpose it seems more than a coincidence CP members attract negative publicity. ‘Common Purpose helps leaders to operate effectively outside their comfort zone.’
      It is a waste of time being outside your comfort zone if you are incompetent to begin with.


      • Well Colin,
        Brian Gerritt says ” In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.”
        – So it must be true.


  3. Sonia Sharp and Joyce Thacker were/are simply poor Directors of Children services, out of their depth. They confused equality and justice,accepted misogyny and criminality towards the poorest girls in our community. They allowed the victims to be criminalised and the criminals to go free.
    We don’t need to invent international conspiracies to explain the CSE cover up and denial, we can look closer to home.


  4. ‘Sonia Sharp and Joyce Thacker were/are simply poor Directors of Children services, out of their depth.’.
    If that is so why were they funded to go on a “Leadership” course? Or is it perhaps their ineptitude was not noticed amongst the dross that passes for leadership on RMBC?
    I did not plagiarise. It has been known for years that CP is pro EU and of course it is elitist, How else do you explain that members of the lower ranks are not given the opportunities to attend CP courses. Should’nt they also be given the chances to show leadership potential? CP also operates under the Chatham House rule. Why is that do you think? What are they afraid of?


  5. Chatham House rules is a term meaning whatever is said within these four walls is not repeated outside. It is a concept used in the vast majority of training schemes not just CP, the idea being one can raise examples of where things have gone wrong or where you have made a mistake, without it being used against you elsewhere. However it does not cover any confessions of criminal or unprofessional conduct.; the intention is to encourage learning from ones mistakes.
    Your concern as to why they were sent on training courses is perverse and contradictory. I said they were poor directors, you say why then were they sent on management course, I say maybe because there were poor we go round in circles.
    I wouldn’t bother with this debate were it not that I believe the focus on CP distracts from efforts to find out what went wrong.
    To try and understand and identify whatever went wrong in terms of CSE failures it is best to start with a view that in normal circumstances the vast majority of social workers and police will do their jobs. Policemen will arrest every criminal they come across and social workers will do their best to protect every child.
    So what went wrong? Remember the issue isn’t even simply about Kashmiri men being more prone to CSE than other races, every community and race has its share of child abusers.
    No, the questions are more about why were men of Pakistan origin allowed to get away with what turned out to be organised sex trafficking?
    For me the big failing of the police and social services was failing to see the big criminal picture of something that had national and maybe now even international organised criminal aspects.
    They thought it a cultural issue, or a adolescent rebellious child issue.
    I believe that there are people, including local politicians who knew there was that bigger picture. Who know there is organised criminal activity in prostitution and drugs, and that the young Pakistani boys used as honeypots to attract and pimp the girls were merely the front line of organised crime.
    In going for these hapless directors we should accept that they are professionally poor, but not attribute to them the level of guilt of the real criminals behind this abuse.


    • NLP…why should anyone need their brains re-mapping?
      Your more than fulsome defence of CP indicates a vested interestor/ major dissembling exercise…for someone who had a desultory experience on one of their courses you have much to say..which is obviously not shared by the 1000s of other sucessful ‘graduates’…btw mainly paid for from local authority i.e taxpayers funds..and who oks these payments…not CP insiders by any chance?


  6. I did not say they were sent on management courses I asked why they went on ‘Leadership’ courses (Which is the raison d’etre of CP)
    The question of why Pakistani men were allowed to ‘get away’ with child grooming will only be answered when the investigation(s) into CSE in Rotherham can uncover who was involved and what,if any,links they have with RMBC officers and the Police service. I take the opposite view about Sharp and Thacker in that both held senior positions in Children’s services and should have known about the extent of CSE in Rotherham. Did they not talk or meet with Social Services managers or investigate the rumours?
    It is the same old story when a scandal involves a local authority “Lessons will be learned”. IMV there is no punishment harsh enough for people found guilty of being involved with the sexual exploitation of children.


  7. Will as got it spot on.

    The training with the Social Services, Community Services and Youth Services is continual irrespective of grade. Training can be on an operational basis, personal skills, functional admin, or a plethora of job related themes. Whether internal or external training the aim is to improve the service. and rightly so. I attended countless training sessions over the years and anyone who thinks Common Purpose (who did facilitate some) aimed to organize a mass conspiracy via these sessions believes the Yeti lives in Rotherham.

    As for Europe – it wasn’t mentioned in training (or at work) – most find it boring – and we and the facilitators kept to theme. IE – how to complete the Common Assessment Framework, improve motivational interviewing techniques, implement effective NEET / disengaged work or understand the 245A / B forms- it could be enlightening at times – very boringly presented – but all sessions were quite informative to professionals – and were not a plot to enhance a federal Europe as some seem convinced they were.. .

    Can I just say CSE in Rotherham or anywhere else is not an issue or race or culture. It never has been. CSE recognizes no boundaries or backgrounds. Indeed most CSE occurs within families. In this case Asian men were involved (I should know I reported 3 of them) but throughout my work the vast majority of cases I dealt with involved men (and sometimes women) of all backgrounds.

    In my 35 years within the field I saw dedicated against the odds. Often with caseloads of over 100 when 15 is considered critical. From the 80’s onwards (we had brief respite form this in the mid to late 2000’s) cut after cut hit home, the lack of respect politicians (and others) gave the service and even the privatization of many departments and services made the job harder. The job became 24 – 7 – and as staff left and were not replaced – impossible.

    When this ConDem Government came to power the first thing they cut was the Children’s Services. In fact the scrapped a highly performing service (Connexions) totally.(And they are massacring the Probation Service as I write) Let’s get real – I have issues with RMBC but the cuts in national funding have major effects. The issue should be how to address this.- I see none of this on here – just moans about local provision without an understanding the lack national funding places on local services.. (By the way Caven what are your proposals to save the Children’s centres? I may not be elected or vote UKIP but I (and other voters) would like to know)

    Regarding Joyce and Sonia Will is correct.They were out of their depth. But they did not conspire with CP. Yes Joyce may be a bully – she may be inadequate as a director – but it was lack of ability and tendency to control not consult – treat operational staff as ‘meaningless’ and prefer to circulate’ that led her to failure – not a political plot.

    Regarding the service provision in place now. I have been working with senior officials and management for the last 4 years throughout the country (including Rotherham) representing ‘clients’ who have complained. The RMBC (elected or unelected officials) who I have negotiated with have been more responsive to both internal and ‘outside dialogue’. They have and will continue implementing change; quite major change too. This hasn’t been achieved by mud slinging; it has been achieved by dialogue’looking at inadequacies, presenting evidence / suggestions and encouraging the constructive involvement of the workforce.. I trust (or should I say hope) that the new councillers understand this. It takes more than a ‘staged walkout’ and complaints about a ‘dodgy mayor’ to affect business and change in any organisation..

    Joyce, Sonia and others who are seen to be ‘lacking’ should be punished and outed. I will do my best as always to ensure justice is done. But I tire of this political childishness – it solves nothing.Gives the opposition a little free publicity maybe – but solves nothing.

    Like I have said before I will keep on asking questions of RMBC and giving my all (my career ‘disappeared’ ‘ years ago because of this ).I will continue to be awkward. But I can promise you this. – if any UKIP member (or member of any party) sees this as simply a ‘political football;’ and continues to simply shout from the sidelines while not working hard to put things right were they need putting right to protect the children and families in the borough. – I (and others) will be on your case too. And believe me – though I may not be elected (and in certain people’s cases therefore not have the right to question) I will be watching very action and committee to see what you actually do.

    SKT xxxx


  8. High five SKT. We need justice not indiscriminate vengeance. I’m happy to “hang an admiral”, but it should be the right admiral .

    My personal concern is that the same gangs of pimps who got away with in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s are still with us; are now applying their skills to young Roma girls, and are integral to the cycle of drugs, racketeer landlordism and cheap labour scams that go with pimping. Also that some Police And Councillors know this to be the case but for a variety of reasons choose to ignore it.

    I want perpetrators and those who protect them to be punished. But Bringing CP into this is a red herring, that will only please the perpetrators.


    • Childrens dept budgets cut..yet CP training still silently funded to the hilt…despite previous opposition from Eric Pickles and Stephen( Knightly?.).both suddenly gone quiet..


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