Private Eye’s Rotherham Coverage

These two pieces taken from the latest copy. PE certainly don’t pull any punches:

PE CTO 17 Sept 2014Rotten Boroughs, gives Rotherham a good mauling:

PE 17 Sept 2014


9 thoughts on “Private Eye’s Rotherham Coverage

  1. no accountability, people have to do as they are told, go away and keep quiet, shut up or else. Ask how many of the workers have been threatened not to say anything, but why? who else has been involved? Have some had their palms crossed? Corruption within the Council, Police and other groups has now been proved in South Yorkshire, Hillsborough, Orgreave, Donnygate and other scandals now Child Sex abuse in Rotherham, where does the corruption end?


  2. If anyone feels like reading the Local Government Chronicle piece featured in the Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs – its here, along with links to more of their coverage on the issue.
    (But after reading the first article, you are stuck on the wrong side of a pay wall)
    My humble opinion is that to published a set of figure based on a “back-of-an-envelope calculation” is utterly disgusting and demeans journalism.


      • Have you actually read the LGC item? At no point do they underplay what has happened in Rotherham. At no point do they say action shouldn’t be taken. And as for the back of a fag packet calculation it seems a perfectly reasonable one to do. Indeed some might argue the Alexis Jay calculation to reach 1400 is not any more robust.

        So I’m not sure what the opposition is to what the LGC article says. I guess it depends on what your game is. If it’s to assume everything in Rotherham is the worst in the world and to slag off/witch-hunt anyone connected to the establishment in anyway Rotherham in then fine I can see your logic. However if what you’re really worried about is CSE then surely we should be right behind the LGC line. That this issue is affecting communities across the country. Alexis Jay says the same. And even Jane Collins (UkIP) who I generally have no time for says other places should do an indepth study on CSE like Rotherham did. That will highlight the problem and better enable authorities to take effective action.

        So rather than dismissing the LGC’s challenge to see what the degree of CSE is in other areas, we just ignore that do we? If so you’re no better than what you’re accusing rotherham police and councillors of. Ie ignoring it, brushing it under the carpet, pretending it doesn’t happen.

        Interesting how the story on Look North about CSE being “as endemic as Rotherham” in Sheffield didn’t receive any national attention, and the one last week about similar allegations in Greater Manchester just buried too.


    • Yes you are right,nick golding should be ashamed of himself,on first seeing his picture I thought it was our topdog council business leader wonderboy Beck


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