Hard Hitting Times Leader Article

The Times Leader of today:

Times Leader 17 Sept 2014

15 thoughts on “Hard Hitting Times Leader Article

  1. It is of course correct to call for Thacker to resign but do not lose sight of Dinnington Borough councillor/Town councillor Jane Havenhand. She was Wright’s senior adviser for the whole of his time in office, she knew as much as him and one also has to ask what kind of advice was she giving. She also kept quiet for 9 years and during this period she was involved in a charity to protect run away children. Wright was correctly forced to resign for what he knew about CSE and his inaction, it therefore follows that his senior adviser should go too for exactly the same reasons.
    Dave Smith


  2. must be a racist. rotherham labour party terminology for a racist is anybody who believes lawbreakers should be prosecuted whatever race or creed on said:

    we should not the forget the polices part in this abuse and until those responsible are brought to book nobody will have any faith in the s.yorkshire force.(NO PUN INTENDED)


  3. The headline is disappointing. It implies only one more resignation and the job is done. We need a mini general election in Rotherham now. I posted a while back that the UKIP councillors should resign on the basis that RMBC is a busted flush and then all stand again. Any takers? All UKIPpers being returned with vastly increased majorities would provide an interesting straw poll on Labour’s standing and give them (Labour) the necesary wake up call that they are no longer “part of the solution”. But it may also make them cling on to their seats for grim death, so a risky strategy. As for Ms Thacker, her statement to HoC that she is “accountable to the people of Rotherham” so should not resign is the biggest non sequitur I have ever heard. If she is accountable how is that accountability tested? Its a totally meaningless statement, typical of the empty moral landscape of the British apparatchik elite. Maybe Mr Lakin should institute a referendum for the town with the question “should Ms Thacker resign?”, so we can, at least, test that accountability. She claimed to work tirelessly to tackle CSE for many years – but with no apparent effect. She must ask herself if she is competent, at the very least…


  4. Rev,

    A fair point and I partially agree – but you seem to ignore the 4 UKIP councillors (in previous guises) who need to answer questions and account for their possible involvement / knowledge in The Police Authority at the time, the Seminar (2005) and other possible knowledge of the CSE at the time. And there is a lot of clarification needed.

    The UKIP prospective Parliamentary candidate, Ms Collins (who is no hep at all) , avoided this issue on The Sunday Politics – I am being polite – in the same manner as the 4 UKIP councillors have on here and elsewhere. Regarding each one – from ‘noting to hide’ the issue has moved on to ‘everything must come out in the open’ Full public details regarding this is needed now!

    As for your proposed suggestion re a referendum whether Ms Thacker should resign. Yes she should go but I feel any such move could compromise any moves to get rid of her and allow her to play play the victim in the same way as Sharon Shoesmith did. It may take a while (hopefully not) to oust her, but it has to be done by water tight legal measures. The last thing we want is Ms Thacker walking away with a big pay off.

    See link re Sharon Shoesmith




    • Thanks Sally – I would imagine that is why UKIP daren’t take such a move (plus the fact they may not have thought of it!). As far as all resignations go, I think we are beyond whether folk are culpable or not. We need a fresh start just to restore confidence…Hope you get justice one day


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