The plot thickens and friendships revealed?

How on earth could Leader, Cllr “flaky” Lakin vote in a motion of no confidence to oust close and trusted friend Shaun “Im All” Wright after holidaying so many times with him and enjoying the Wright Families hospitality. I presume I would be correct to assume that this did not appear in the councils hospitality book at and nor did the soirées that he enjoyed at Wright Hall in Rawmarsh.

The enjoyment and astonishment it would have brought on by being a fly on the wall as they wiled away the hours enjoying belly dancers, wine and good food, laughing at their ability to cover up such awful atrocities. It is shameful and proves “flaky” Lakin is trying to rewrite history. Still, we know “flaky” enjoys his holidays with fellow councillors. Many questions still surround the China experience that was enjoyed by so many including “Champagne” Beck and others. Questions like “how was it that a 3 weeks full board trip to china in 5 star hotels cost less than return flights?”.

As the labour group have given him the wheel to steer the Good Ship Labour back to calmer waters you could be forgiven for being reminded of Captain Smith of the Titanic.

Readers will note from the photo that the Wrights and the Lakins are close friends enjoying holidays in exotic locations paid for by Wright.

Rumours back in 2010 were that Roger Stone put loyal lap dog “Flaky” in to cover up for his beloved protégé Wright and it would appear this to be true.

That’s why when Wright stepped down from the Cabinet, they needed a safe pair of hands who wouldn’t rock the boat and ensure any damaging reports were destroyed.

This then makes one think back to wonder if the other rumours about “flaky” Lakins late night meetings with Joyce Thacker were more than just “meetings”. It would certainly explain her being distracted and not seeing what was going on and him protecting her during the Fostergate Scandel. Though to be fair, Rotherham is full of rumours and even Joyce would not stoop that low.

It will be interesting to see what revenge “I’m all” Wright takes on the many labour boys and girls who have now stabbed him in the back. They have made a powerful enemy indeed seen as the one thing he cherished most ‘public office’ is now history to him.

Sources close to “I’m All” Wright say that he will start on our beloved “flaky” and then onto “Moofy” Hussain. No way that this could have been covered up without the support of “Moofy” and his connections as Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion. Would explain “flaky” putting him back into Cabinet. He knows too much!

It beggars belief that Moofy Hussain was not aware of the cover up because he has been the Cabinet Member for Cohesion from 2004 till last week. That’s 10 years in a position would have had regular reports about the child rapes in that critical period highlighted by the Jay report.

Then we have the NOT so honourable John Healey MP with his 100% backing of the Wright dynasty.

It’s clear that if Wright knew of the rapes, then Stone and Healey both new. They were thick as thieves, with regular meetings in Dodgers office.

Healey not only endorsed Shaun Wright but headed up his campaign to become the PCC as well as leading the disastrous Lisa Wright candidacy which led to Labour losing the seat to Caven Vines which was the start of the destruction of the Rotherham Labour Party.

Its been suggested that “flaky” has received a number of death threats by post, it would be interesting to see how many are in Roger Stone and “I’m all” Wrights handwriting.

Phantom of the Town Hall

Some evidence:

Attachment-1photo (3)380163_352228454794648_88345078_n388558_352228968127930_1970341555_n396795_352228831461277_278579898_n

25 thoughts on “The plot thickens and friendships revealed?

    • I wonder though if they are still friends and if maybe just maybe, this was a prearranged stab in the back? All maybe not what it seems ? Just saying, could be wrong.


  1. Well, well, well, so what will it take to clean up Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police force, including all ex Police Authority committee and all South Yorkshire MP’s? Just hope that all concerned have to answer to the public in the public arena not behind closed doors. These “people” work for the public and should have to answer to the public in public.
    Can we now have a public meeting with all concerned, including ex officials and ex police senior officers and Police Authority members and all MP’s who ignored the information they were aware of about young children being groomed, and if proved to be negligent, OBE’s, MBE’s and pensions suspended.
    Justice needs to be done, Responsibility comes with the job and the salary they take willingly.


  2. What did Lakin do in the last four years, to bring the horrors of CSE, grooming, child rape, trafficking and child prostitution racket to an end, but did absolutely nothing! Lakin is a poor choice of Leader with the distinct handicap of facing his electorate next May!
    Mahroof Hussain uncle of Muhbeen it would also appear, has done nothing to expose these heinous crime,s since becoming a cabinet member for Communities and Cohesion, despite being aware of the full scale of the problem from the very beginning.
    He should shoulder his responsibility in this matter and stand down at the first available opportunity and return his ill-deserverd MBE while he is at it!
    It goes without saying Roger should also return his thoroughly un-deserved OBE which looks a bit sick to say the least, in light of recent revelations.


  3. The whole lot of them have completely lost the respect of the people! When that happens, elections are the only way to regain some honour and respect. Come on Labour, live up to Ed Miliband’s promises for ‘a fresh start’ for Rotherham, the people demand nothing less!


  4. With the security fence around the NATO leaders’ hotel in Newport being dismantled as being surplus to requirements, is the £15Ks worth of security measures that were installed around Wright’s Rawmarsh home also to be considered to be no longer needed (as if they ever were) and dismantled and sold off? With the high cost of policing the EDl demonstration SYP need every penny they can scrape together!


  5. There seems to be quite a lot of folk walking around in pain with the daggers in their back. Will Shaun Wright spill some beans on this lot, bearing in mind the spit in the face he has received off Lakin and others.

    In this cabinet we have Lakin who had been the responsible cabinet member for this department for four years prior to the report. Why didn’t he do more? Was he complicit?

    Emma Hoddinott who put a gagging order on her fellow Labour colleagues to not to talk about the issue.

    Mahroof Hussain who obviously and without doubt knew what was going on (taking into account his long standing community cohesion position and his position in the kashmiri community).

    Christine Beaumont who acted as adviser to Lakin when he was the cabinet member for children and young people, she was well briefed and up to date with what was going on. More asides she is now the cabinet member for children and young people which is a farce in itself taking into account her undiluted hatred for young people, ask a few of her ex-students.

    Come on Mr Miliband —— Where’s our fresh start?


  6. Phantom of the Town Hall is certainly correct when he writes that “Many questions still surround the China experience that was enjoyed by so many … “, what evidence does he/she have that the “3 weeks full board trip to china in 5 star hotels cost less than return flights”
    The picture that shows Lakin and Wright together on holiday hardly justifies his statement “holidays [plural] in exotic locations paid for by Wright.”
    … and picture of Healy and mayor Wright at a fundraising event?


  7. Wonder if the penny has dropped yet? Akhtar has been shafted by Moofy.
    When will the evidence of the battle for dominance start to come out? Soon for sure,
    Akhtar is spitting feathers and according to reports, he seeks revenge!


    • Nice house, but not nice people! As for a lovely home – well for some of them it looks like their lovely ride on the lovely gravy-train has come to an end! If the lid ever came off of RMBC, whatever is underneath will be neither nice nor lovely!


  8. I notice Ex Cllr, Mr Pickering on the microphone. I have noticed that not only was he a guest at the disgraced Mayors Bash, he seems to have attended every Cabinet meeting and Council since loosing his seat, he sits in the corner of the public area, very quite. Is he hoping for a come back in May?, Are they going to find a nice cosy seat ?. If I recall rightly he was on the Council for years, is he another one ducking below the radar ?.


  9. Pickering
    I think he is like the guy in the full Monty film
    Who can’t tell his wife he was de elected so takes his sandwich and goes to the council meetings so she thinks he is still a Councillor how sad


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