News Round-Up Sunday 28 Sept 2014

Regular Readers selection from the press and news:

No trouble at Stand up to UKIP match.
(I hate the way that the Star stretches images.
This is how that cop image started out:!/image/1501958653.jpg

Survation poll for the Rotherham parliamentary constituency:

Conservative: 6% (-11)
Labour: 48% (+4)
UKIP: 37% (+31)
Liberal Democrat: 4% (-12)
Other Parties: 6% (-11)
(the +/- figures are in comparison with with the 2010 election, not the more recent bi-election of Sarah Champion)
see :

According to Nigel Farage on the Andrew Marr program this morning, the higher VAT rate on luxury items will not be in their election manifesto that will come out just before the election. You can watch it all on iPlayer:


23 thoughts on “News Round-Up Sunday 28 Sept 2014

  1. Can anyone help me to find something about this:
    The agenda for the UKIP Conference ( ), includes two items for that are of particular interest to me:
    Friday 26 Sept 12.00
    Roger Helmer MEP
    Saturday 27 Sept 12.30
    The Future of British Coal
    Nijinsky Suite (1st Floor)
    Chaired by Blair Smillie and featuring former NUM Executive Member David Douglass, Luke Warren of the Carbon Capture & Storage Association, Tony Lodge of the Centre for Policy Studies, Ian Parkin of miner Hargreaves Services and UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP.
    I can’t find anything further about either of them.
    I’m really surprised that Helmer’s speech on the Friday doesn’t appear here: or on the following page.
    As much as anything I wanted to see how much they had moved on since this was published earlier this year:


    • My comments on Helmer’s Energy Speech:
      Points made:
      New energy manifesto for 2015 election.
      Dead against windpower, but thinks that when new technology comes along there may be benefits from solar, and hydro is OK.
      No mention of Coal carbon capture and storage – apart from a mention of the following day’s fringe meeting on Future of British Coal with Luke Warren of the Carbon Capture & Storage Association.
      Only mention of climate change seemed to imply that UK was already doing to much in mitigation.
      Good idea on creating Sovereign Wealth Fund for fracking income as a community benefit (as Norway did for North Sea oil, but which Thatcher didn’t do).
      Approvingly waved around a copy of this report: (Typical piece of anti-EU industry lobbying).
      (At least UKIP got rid of their utterly loony climate sceptic Lord Monckton almost a year ago).
      East Midlands Sunday Politics appearance – totally uneventful.


  2. Sorry all I can find is the energy policy 2014 detailed.I can’t find anything about Mr Helmer’s address either. Maybe its gone the way of the Wag Tax. Mrs Farage must have objected to the latter – she probably needs a new yellow or purple handbag. I jest of course.

    I will keep looking.

    SKT xxxx


    • It’s OK, I finally found Helmer’s speech on BBC Parliament channel, and just watched him on Sunday Politics east Midland. Will write more about it later. Thanks!


    • It came out at 17:05 yesterday, and yes I didn’t see it. But it contains little of real interest.
      ““There are a number of Labour back benchers very unhappy with Ed Miliband,” a jubilant Mr Farage said.” is just point scoring.
      Lord Ashcroft’s poll results were published at 14:00 today, but some had appeared in the paywalled Sunday Times this morning. On his twitter feed ( ) he had yesterday noted the results of the Survation poll that I discuss in this topic header – it ‘s how I found them.


    • SKT,
      Ouch, daily gets worse! That’s not the first of her embarrassing tweets/retweets, but symptomatic of her problems.
      Fundamentally she seems to have as little control of her utterances as Bloom her predecessor had, Given that he worked for Bloom’s wife at the stables, and had no interest in anything other than horses, eventing and foxhunting before she met Mr Godfrey Bloom ex-MEP, ex-UKIP that is quite understandable, but more than sad.
      I try to keep this topic on-topic, but the guy above with his uncritical comment on Ms Collin’s speech got in and your response to him is pure delight.
      I had previously pointed to where on the UKIP site people could read the main points of the majority of the conference speeches. Ms Collins’ is here:, I quote:
      “UKIP will take action to prevent major employers using such contracts in an exploitative way against employees who lack other options. We will devise a code of conduct – with the threat of legislative action if it is not observed – that will give large employers a duty to offer a fixed hours contract to anyone who has worked on a zero hours contract for a year. Such employees will be under no compunction to accept a regular hours contract if it does not suit them, but must be offered the choice.”
      Whilst zero hours contracts are reprehensible when used with young and lower paid people*, her proposal that a change in the law (which is promised only as a last resort), would only apply to ” large employers” and only then after the employee has been on zero hours terms for a year, is simply without any value. The zero hours employees would be sacked long before the year is up.
      “UKIP will guarantee employers that they cannot be sued for discrimination if they decide to favour a young unemployed British person (under the age of 25) for a job ahead of a better qualified or more experienced foreign applicant.”
      I can’t think of any situation where this could ever apply. Employers would never select a young unemployed British person (under the age of 25) over a more experienced person of any nationality. It would be against shareholder’s interest for larger companies, and counter-productive for SMEs. Altruism is seldom/never found in companies.
      Yes “what a speech this was”. Totally content free.
      * At the far other end of the job market, I’ve welcomed “Heads of Agreement contracts” – simply stating that “after due notice I could be called to perform a consultancy role for up to one week,” In fact I welcomed them, mine were with Central Banks and similar. They look great on a CV and kept me in contact with people who I respected, and needed to talk freely with without a press office getting in the way.


  3. The guy above SBweb1975 – is simply UKIP a spokesman – it’s on his Avior – so he could have been more honest or switched it off lol. (Nice chair by the way) I’m trying to recall his name.

    He was also one of the two who posted the evil eldersofzyclon site on here – the one which said ‘exposing the jews worldwide’ (and more) and tried to misuse Rothpol for its own aims and vile intent. UKIP should take note of that. I know Caven would not be happy about that episode. Caven and I may disagree from time to time, but I know he doesn’t agree with the aims of that site – far from it. Caven and I have differences sometimes about policy and transparency – not hatred.

    Regarding MS Collins. I have no time for her style whatever. Indeed I think she is little more than a Mr Bloom in a frock (Although if he wants to wear one I will support his right to do so – though he should recall yellow and purple tend to clash awfully). In my humble opinion Ms Collins simply says what comes in to her head in an instant. There’s no forethought or logic in her statements; Simply an hateful intent. Maybe she should do what I taught my daughters to do when having an irrational paddy – learn to count to ten and think – or maybe – well – stop trying to grab a instant headline and grow up.

    RE: “UKIP will guarantee employers that they cannot be sued for discrimination if they decide to favour a young unemployed British person (under the age of 25) for a job ahead of a better qualified or more experienced foreign applicant.”

    It’s simply a soundbite with yet another empty promise. Part of my past career was also helping young people of all background gain apprenticeships. (It had some relief from the daily horrors) I never saw this issue raised – and I dealt with many many thousands of young people and employers over the years. The vast majority of training opportunities at apprenticeship level were / are offered by employers with under 50 employees. Lesson to Ms Collins – stop waffling – your statement says nothing in reality – and do a little research re your remits – it helps.

    Maybe UKIP just don’t understand the needs of young people in the job market because from what I saw at the conference they are mainly – well – not young people. Like all parties they should try consulting them – and employers – it may sound amazing but many young people and employers have a lot to say on this issue.

    Their proposals re Zero Hours contracts is mere waffle. Ill thought out and says and does nothing. Similar to the Wag Tax. The issue of Zero hours contracts needs a Bill in itself so the issue of misuse (I am being polite) can be addressed holistically and fairly. UKIP’s answer is no answer at all. Again simply soundbite.

    RE consultancy roles – I don’t think that needs addressing. Such short term work is the nature of the industry. Hence the often (but not always) cost. There is a world of difference to someone taking up a consultancy role as a paid consultant and millions of individuals being exploited by the bad practice of often ‘immoral’ employers. With consultancies there is a mutual aim, plan, ethos, agreement and a stated end and outcome. With the vast majority of Zero Hours contracts it is simply slavery and dependency and exploitation. (Although there are exceptions – hence the need for a full Parliamentary discussion and bill)

    Personally, I would have liked more coverage of UKIP’s conference nationally. I think it was mostly ignored – and it shouldn’t have been. (Although the ISIS crisis did rightly take precedence) I say that for two reasons. The first being – I am a democrat and I believe in fairness and transparency. All should have a chance to be heard. And secondly because the more people see of the likes Ms Collins,Mr Helmer and Mr Reckless – the more they question like me and come to the conclusion, “There’s too many Thatcherites in the party for them to really care.” But that’s just my view: I am sure many will disagree; as they have the right to do so. (With reasoned debate of course)

    SKT xxxx


    • SKT
      I’ve copied the new piece Ms Collins has on her blog – of a speech she gave at the UKIP conference, headed “Jane Collins slammed Labour’s failures to tackle CSE due to political correctness and implored UKIP supporters to work together to deny Labour the chance to once again fail children in the same way, as they did in Rotherham” .
      I’ve got to summon the will to read it next, it’s over 1300 word long. I’ve still got to listen to her speech on BBC Parliament channel.
      By SBweb1975’s Avior I guess you mean his Atavar (from a Sanskrit word for incarnation ), he also has his own blog :


  4. SKT..rr… Yes I am a UKIP supporter, I haven’t hidden this whatsoever, But sadly not the UKIP spokesman, you’re barking up the wrong tree there. The postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent UKIP’s policies or opinions be that National or Local.
    As for Caven ask the questions directly to him you can easily get his email address, Phone number its easy to find, and also ask on here.
    If you look at last Fridays Advertiser you would find the letter CSE shame all down to Labour. The answers to your questions you will find he has answered.
    As of Jane Collins I find her straight bull she tells it like it is lots of people don’t like it. But UKIP are not party whipped like labour so free speech and all that. Please also email Jane with any concerns you might have that again is easy to find.
    The chair is not mine but wish it was this was a photo op.


    • 1 , I didn’t get a copy of last week’s ‘tizer, and the letter is not here:, perhaps if you have a scanner …. or maybe check with Rothpol via e-mail, I’m sure that he will scan it if you ask.
      (I scan a lot of things for this site, and really really don’t want to pay for access to their on-line archive, – I did once, but it is very hard to work with.) .
      2. Caven’s contact details are here:
      (I personally have a lot of time for Caven,, but it doesn’t extend to UKIP itself.)
      3. Jane Collins – I’m not sure that “straight bull” is a an appropriate description of anyone – “bull” is so often used in juxtaposition to word that means “poo”. Try something horse or foxhunting related”.
      4. If you look at Ms Collin’s website you find that the Headings: About Me| My Work! Policies! My Team! About UKIP! The EU & UK – all say “This page is under construction. Only the Home Page and and the Contact Me contain anything.
      The Contact Me page contains a minimal webmail facility, I did once use it to ask her a serious question – relating to where I could find the motion/debate in the EU that a vid of her speaking on it that appeared on her website Home Page, was related to.
      I never got any reply – not even an acknowledgement of my webmail .
      So what opinion of her would you suggest I should have? If you tell me, then I’ll tell you what my opinion actually is.


  5. Thank you Mr Sbweb. I would have checked out you blog but it is no longer available. And as for my questions for Caven = no he hasn’t answered them in full but I am sure he will. I also have some information for him on a very dodgy character (not SBWeb) who is using UKIP’s name. I don’t think they will want to be associated with him. See I am fair.

    Ohh and Mr Sbweb. I think you will find I know quite a bit about who was involved in the CSE scandal and cover up. And it wasn’t just Labour as the information I constantly pass on to my representatives and investigations shows and will show further. Not being involved in party politics does gave me that freedom to question all.

    As for UKIP not being whipped with opinion. Come on – the elected representatives simply tow the party line – and simply do what Mr Farage says and parrot his words. The WAG tax being the latest example lol.

    RR: thanks for Caven’s links. I will send both bits of information. Ad also send my questions to my representatives too.

    SKT xxxx


    • SKT
      1 It’s sad that SbWeb has taken down his blog. It was far far better that much I read on the Web, and I am sorry that I appear to have had a role in it.
      2 Sally K, if the person taking the name of UKIP in vain is the person I think it may be, – he needs help not exposure.
      3. Ms Collins speech was a rant about the Rotherham CSE crisis – each of the first 4 speakers that morning focussed on the subject. I don’t know what happened to her original Employment speech that was published on UKIP’s site – binned?
      4. It only hit me today that Ms Collins has at least two extant twitter accounts: with 1074 followers and – with 3633 followers, guess which is the active current one?
      Wow , she has re-tweeted Rothpol’s Healey story. Whilst she has re-tweeted Rothpol for a month or so, over the last few days she had been aggressively mining the blog, with just a link back to the blog entry.


  6. RR – I passed on the information re ”the person who is using UKIp’s name” privately and in confidence to Caven. He is sorting it out in private – as it should be. Although I’m not a Ukipper it was urgent they should be aware of such an extreme character. I don’t believe anyone should be sullied by such ‘ghost associations’ no matter what party they belong to. This IS NOT Mr Sbweb1975 by the way – I must state that -in fairness to Mr Sbweb1975.

    RE Ms Collins Tweets – like all Politicians she will only tweet what she wants and be very selective. (they all do it) And I’m not surprised her employment speech has been binned by UKIP. It’s a habit they should discourage. Then again Mr Bashir’s comments re his rather strange views on employment laws was was also binned, as was Mr Nuthall’s view on privatizing the NHS and much more. I would have a little more respect if they were more transparent – and consistent – but it seems some (not all) in UKIP) test the water – then if it isn’t popular or it shows their true intent and creates a backlash – they hide it . This isn’t god politics – its deceiving the voters. All parties should take note. There’s far too much party censorship in politics – and far too much ‘pandering to what they think (wrongly) is the current vogue. If someone has an opinion stand by it and lets us all debate. Don’t rely on soundbites I say. They tell you nothing.

    Caven has also sent me some information and more re the questions I ask of the Police Authority. I thank him for that genuinely. He was prompt, courteous and helpful – and gave me a pointer to who else to ask. I can’t ask for more and at least I don’t have to repost the questions again on here LOL. (Honest Caven I won’t) However, I am waiting for the others on the Police Authority at the time to do the same. Then I will peruse and come to an overall opinion. Such is my MO in such matters.

    SKT xxxx


  7. SKT… I am glad the user using UKIPs name is going to be looked into, these sorts of comments and people could pose a risk Giving Ukip Rotherham a bad name and equally bad standing. Caven has worked hard to get Ukip Rotherham where it is today and the said one person could ruin all this. Also I am happy you received your answers directly from Caven. Sometimes certain things should be kept private. The only thing about Jane’s Speech was that she kept the abuse here in Rotherham from being hidden again by bringing it up at conference {Free Media use}. Although she didn’t say what Ukip Rotherham have been doing in tackling the Coverup of CSE and making it as though she is doing it herself, Which has probably upset Cllr Vines. Not much in my eyes has been said since SW and Thacker resigned, but hopefully more will come out soon.

    rr.. I did take your point about my Gravatar so have now hidden this. I didn’t originally do this because personally I have nothing to hide. Yes I am a UKIP supporter as I would never trust labour again especially here in Rotherham [ personally] the way they treated my wife, but thats another story As for the Tories no way theres nothing really I could say apart from what they did to the hundreds of Miners here in yorkshire close family and friends being upset etc.
    Its good to have a site like this with the vast amounts of information it has and also sources It’s probably the only way local residents get the truth and Gives local people the voice it deserves.As this can’t be done i council meeting as we all know.


  8. I agree with you Mr SBW, I respect confidentiality and informed Caven in private; as It should be. I have also kept his answer confidential – as it should be. I will form an overview when I get replies from others. I don’t see this as an individual issue – just an issue that needs clarifying. If that make sense. Often I don’t lol.

    Although not A UKIpper in many ways, I respect the right of all politician and individuals not to be used by such people. Hence why I warned Caven. It wasn’t fair on him and others in his party. Okay I’m not UKIP – but I would warn anyone who was being misrepresented. I prefer to debate issues and keep it honest which you and Caven do too.

    I also respect you and your views even if I disagree a times. I may annoy some – (ok I do lol) but I do have respect for all. And your picture wasn’t that bad lol Smile LOL. I hope that translates on page in the respectful way it is meant – oh and keep on posting and get your blog back on. I may be of contrary view at times – but I like to view others opinions.

    As for MS Colllins I just don’t like HER style of UKIP politics or her MO. It’s nothing personal – just I am a million miles away form the way she operates. I seek solutions on issues not soundbites. It’s just my way. Sadly, I feel Ms Collins merely operates on the latter -and I also feel she should give more credit to others of all parties who have worked hard on CSE, as well as starting to work with them to address the scandal. (I say that to all with power) Also I don’t believe in making CSE a political issue. Personally I find MS Collins use of CSE extremely objectionable – as do many ‘individuals’ I have worked / work with. (I can’t say more on the latter – confidentiality etc)

    As for more to come out re the CSE; there is. And I will tell all I know, has I have to date, to ensure it is in the public domain. As all should. After all Its the victims and families that matter.

    By the way – glad to see you back. Oh and I totally disagree with your statement…………… ….,, lol Just joking – you”ll get used to me – I don’t bite or take anything personal – and if anything I write may seem personal – it is never meant that way. I’m a teddy bear really.

    Keep on being you – you can’t be anything else.



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