Ed Miliband – the Albatrosses hanging round his neck?

The current Labour Leader, has failed to convince, even his own supporters, that he is genuine Prime Minister material at the General Election next May!

In South Yorkshire the sense of abandonment by Labour, is palpable amongst the citizens of South Yorkshire, with the possible exception of Sheffield.

Ed Miliband and the Labour Party have serious problems locally, nationally and now in Scotland, where Labour appear to be facing an electoral disaster of epic proportions?

Locally the Rotherham Scandals have shook the Town to it’s core. Yet apart from four, perhaps token, suspensions, there has been little sign that they are yet up to the mark!

The Labour Party has been adjudged by the people of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham to have failed them in so many ways. Internal greed, sleaze and corruption, dominate Labour politics in South Yorkshire, to the detriment of the people!

If Labour are wanting votes next May, they have a lot of work to do, weeding out the duds!

But what do you do when the Labour Group’s are comprised, almost exclusively, of the same duds, that got us in to the situation in the first place?

Simply, they must go! Even the Rotherham cabinet has duds left, Mahroof Hussain, John Doyle and Paul Lakin, to name but three!

My final point, unless Ed Miliband at least appears to be engaged and interested in dealing with the outrageous situation uncovered in Rotherham, he will lose many votes throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

If he fails to get a grip of his Party, he could even lose his own seat of Doncaster North, that might even top, the ‘Portillo’ moment?


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9 thoughts on “Ed Miliband – the Albatrosses hanging round his neck?

  1. All the local Labour Members of Parliament, will need to up their game considerably, some of them are at serious risk. UKIP have done their homework well, conference in Doncaster and now a campaign, that will last right up to the elections next May! Seats will be lost, even in South Yorkshire.
    Labour’s private polling, will make depressing reading for the weakest link, Ed Milliband!
    If Ed Miliband had any care for Party, above personal interests, he would go!


  2. “My final point, unless Ed Miliband at least appears to be engaged and interested in dealing with the outrageous situation uncovered in Rotherham, he will lose many votes throughout Yorkshire and beyond.”

    How can he address it now when it is less than plausible to suppose that he was unaware of it?

    “In August 2012, Cole – a loyal and passionate member of the Labour Party – raised concerns that Wright was an unsuitable candidate for the role because of his tarnished record in tackling CSE. The letter, which was copied to Ed Miliband, warned that Wright’s conduct “was bringing the Labour Party into disrepute.” Labour’s regional office brushed him off. Although the correspondence clearly shows that Miliband’s office were party to the complaint, Labour has since claimed that the party couldn’t have known about Wright’s failings when Miliband endorsed him.”


    “Yet this political point scoring neglects the fact that Miliband was photographed shaking hands with Shaun Wright and endorsing his candidature. Given that the abuse dates back to 1997, and a Parliamentary inquiry is now being held into whether it was covered-up by the last Labour government, it is inconceivable, to me, that the Leader of the Opposition – and MP for a nearby constituency – had no inkling about Rotherham Council’s failings.”



  3. Well Rik and your two immediate respondents vary between an ‘end of the world is nigh’ and to complete redicule and disdain for all that is Labour (especially the current Labour leader)-but also your general slant seems to portray South Yorkshire directed -regional and locally-as the hell of all politics..

    Besides the panic mode of Rik and -some of us can have empaythy of the level of serious problems that are now in the Labour camp in mainly Rotherham. However UKIP disgusting exploitation of the issue in recent bye elections and locally are just adisgrace and only shows the low politics that is embeddedein their mindsets to gain power . Also their attempt to userp the idea that the cover up is due to political correctness -only mentioned in one of the incidents in the Jay Report only shows rhat like most right wingers. within the Tory party they hate the so called Liberal elite and Socialist ideals that brought about the laws to challenge the terrible sexism -racism -ageism and disabilitism that was rampant in our society before the Sexdiscrimaition laws-racist laws were brought in to curn the absolute insulting way these groups were treated

    Also both homophobia and Islamaphobia- can be addeed to their fhated groups because most of the right wing have the mindsets of sexist-racist-anti Gay and anti forigners-all mainly are white macho supremicist and that includes females who tend to look up to dominant males.

    So my advice to you Rik and co; is that its politics as normal pre an election period -namely put as many negatives out about the leader of the opposition to make him look an unlikely candidate for top post in the country. Yes it doesn’t help when he scores own goals with his pathetic -look at me -a clever kid that doesn’t need notes to remember speeches-and his stupidity over appearing witha Sun newspaper or a tee shirt -without checking where it was made.. But the BBC and other Tory media outlets showing siomeone eating sandwich who is in a rush is pathetic to say the least.

    However all 3 of you identify local issues -especially the CSE issue as one of the main problems that allows the most grotesque sexist party -namely UKIP -who although -userping the issue across the country -are hardly a party that would resolve such attrocities in our country. In fact it is their very demeaning of females that alllows such attitiudes that lead to rape and violence against females and males for that matter.. Also UKIPs anti immigrants stance leads to the rise in attacks on immigrants and Pakistani heritage people across our country..

    Rik states that all the ‘Dud’ should go -as if Rotherham and its inferred that all Labour councillors are in it for Greed – sleeze and corruption – dominate South Yorkshire politcal scene. Well its in politics-business -military and mostly macho groupings anywhere that you have macho bullying and conniving to get their own way; that is the bedrock of all organisations in the public or private sphere, and the biggest -conniving bullies usually get to the top of the heirarchial structure.

    But its for all local and national politics not just South Yorkshire. Rik And also not all councillors are in it for the range of labels you have given them, But due to the bullying and scratch my back and I will scratch your mentality- that is embedded in all organisations and structures that allows things to be covered up that is the festering poison of our whole capitalist and political system.All organisations that are run through fear -which is the majority of human groupongs of any society-even religious organisations. the bullying and harrssment taht msot organisations conduct their affairs is the cause of all the corruoption -cover ups and why we never really get the truth of what is going on. And until we have a real democracy that is both particiaptory and bottom up rather than top down it will not change!

    So yes locally Labour will have to pull all it has to succeed and save its skin -but also does RIk want -all the ‘duds’ out, and to be replaced by the New Kid-Kipperss on the block –as that is really wishful thinking that they are not going to be even more of a dud than the current ineptitude sheep types -because they allowed themselves to be laid by corrupt -bullies.

    Yes I am sure the Rotherham ex leaders had a corrupot side to them and in the past Jack Layden -with his money from the wardrobe incident (which by the way was never really looked into-another Douth Yorkshire Police failing) But it’s the system that allows the bullies to bully and there is no finer bully tahn Mr Farage who is using a grin after a gin, to hide his domnineering characateristics. Beware of someone that smiles too much eh!

    So with Farage we will have more of the same -and even more sexism -racism and homophobic attitudes -which by the way Farage had condoned as police commissioner for South Yorkshire a UKIP ex police man that has a record of sexist and racist attitudes.

    You have to give the Duds their due – at least the corrupt -sleezey and greedy types whom we have had as far as you are concerned-still actually fought agaiinst such demeaning of many in our country. via sexist -racist -homophobic and anti disabled attiotudes. In gfact UKIP are against workers Rights and pretend by cliaming to9 get rid of the Bedroom Tax ( only so as to introduce a flat rate of 31pence of taxes for all workers-rich and poor) -Thanks but No thanks


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  4. @Hyperpol22
    ‘pretend by cliaming to get rid of the Bedroom Tax’- Ed Miliband voted for the introduction of the “Bedroom Tax” as part of the Welfare Reform Act 2007. Hansard debate records show that the “Bedroom Tax” has been part of Labour’s plans as far back as 2001. The “Bedroom Tax” is every inch a Labour policy.
    Given Ed’s backing of the policy only a few years ago, is this something Ed really believes in, or is it just a bandwagon gambit?
    ‘( only so as to introduce a flat rate of 31pence of taxes for all workers-rich and poor) Not part of UKIP’s new election manifesto.
    Miliband’s first policy announcement as leader of the Labour party was the reintroduction of the 10p tax rate for the lowest earners, a policy that he was personally responsible for scrapping in 2007 as part of his role in the Treasury. Miliband is leading his party to defeat in the 2015 General Election. Labour party ratings have been falling for the last 4 weeks.


      • @Colin
        Yes, but:..
        that it a “good practice ” document, not the vicious financial sanctions regime that the Tories have brought in
        Under-occupation in council and social housing is an issue that has to be recognised and acted on,, but not with withdrawal of income.
        Yesterday in the HoC IDS – Mr Universal Discredit, said with regard to Labour:
        “Apart from the rhetoric, the reality is that the hon. gentleman is wrong. It was his government who started the process in the first place. I remind him that when they introduced the local housing allowance, they refused to allow anybody who accepted that benefit to live in a house that had extra bedrooms, because that would be unfair on those who were in that accommodation. We have restored that fairness. That is the right thing to do, and it saves £500 million a year. ”
        I think that may be what Labour voted for, but it isn’t the Tory/IDS Bedroom Tax. – it is this: http://www.voa.gov.uk/corporate/RentOfficers/LHADirect.html


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