Lunchtime Town Hall Protest

Reports are coming in of an impromptu Lunchtime Town Hall Protest by Taxi Drivers!

They are reported to be unhappy with the new arrangements for the licensing of Companies and Drivers, together with new standards for vehicles.

The old ‘system’ did not satisfy the minimum legal requirements!

Remember what the Alexis Jay Report said about the continuing involvement of Taxi Drivers in CSE and trafficking! Until a stop to that occurs, any protest should fall on deaf ears!

Sajid and Afzars were there, as you might expect when a display of mob rule is required!

BBC Look North tonight on iplayer, Is that Jahangir Akhtar in the thick of it?

13 thoughts on “Lunchtime Town Hall Protest

  1. Sajid Bostan, the man who said, “they had fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” Now we have an inkling what that statement meant?


    • What’s the cheek about John? Most of these proposals have nothing to do with the Jay report. Take for example making taxi drivers requirement of new cars only. Would having a new car stop grooming? NO! This will effect the drivers income considerately or fares would have to go up. I suggest you read the proposals and you will find that most of the changes are there just to show the council are acting tough and punishing all the taxi drivers for the faults of the few and have no relation to the Jay report. Why aren’t all the Councillors getting punished for the faults of Roger Stone and Joyce Thacker because you punish the people who did it. By the same token find the culprits and punish them.


  2. It is all very well a few taxi drivers protesting about the new requirements for them to carry on working but the protest would have more validity if they or their ‘spokesman’ had offered viable alternatives.
    Standing outside the Town Hall and moaning about it achieves nothing.


  3. Is this not typical of Asian taxi drivers? If they can’t have their own way then gather in large groups and threaten those in authority. This has gone on for decades but this time, they have absolutely no grounds whatsoever to protest. In fact they should be keeping their heads down or they will make themselves a target for more demonstrations from the far right.
    These people have only themselves to blame, no one else.


  4. We should be grateful to the Taxi Drivers demonstrating exactly the nub of the problem?
    Also we should be grateful to Sajid Bostan, for his rabble-rousing?
    I am sure Louise Casey and her Team, will have learned much from this disgraceful episode!
    Can’t help thinking this was one huge ‘own goal’! Wonder who’s idea it was?


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