The Star – South Yorkshire Police chief promises ‘full support’ for new Rotherham abuse investigation

South Yorkshire Police chief promises ‘full support’ for new Rotherham abuse investigation

South Yorkshire Police will provide ‘full support’ to the National Crime Agency’s new independent investigation into Rotherham sex abusers, chief constable David Crompton has said.

Mr Crompton, who asked the NCA to intervene following the publication of the damning Jay report in August, said the force also remained committed to supporting the Independent Police Complaints Commission in its parallel investigation into potential misconduct by officers.

NCA start new independent investigation into Rotherham child abuse cases

An independent criminal investigation designed to catch groomers who abused children in Rotherham under the noses of the authorities has started to gather evidence.

The National Crime Agency has begun the preliminary stage of Operation Stovewood, which will cover historic offences in the town between 1997 and 2013 – the same period covered by the devastating Jay report.

Councils urged to take action over abusers

A judge said he hopes more local authorities will use civil courts to target men who sexually exploit vulnerable girls in the wake of ‘bold and novel’ legal moves by a city.

Mr Justice Keehan imposed junctions barring 10 men from contacting a teenage girl in Birmingham after concluding that they sexually exploited a 17-year-old girl after analysing evidence at hearings in the Family Division of the High Court in Birmingham and London.

6 thoughts on “The Star – South Yorkshire Police chief promises ‘full support’ for new Rotherham abuse investigation

    • Everyone of them should be brought to task, even if they have retired. Pensions should be taken if they have deliberately ignored the evidence. Corruption is a criminal act and they should all be brought to justice.
      Who was involved in the child sex abuse?????


  1. Does that mean “full support” after the police incident reports have been amended….or after records have been ” lost”…..or after records have been fabricated……or after unminuted meetings of those involved in order to coordinate responses…..or after some of those involved have been allowed to take early retirement…..or after allowing for memory lapses……or after qualified responses in the interest of community harmony………or in the interest of SYP reputation??????

    Pull the other one!……If the public genuinely trusted the police in this sort of an enquiry, it wouldn’t be necessary to make such a pathetic statement ……it should be taken for granted.


  2. What pity that the latest Chief Constable – together with his predecessors Bob Dyson, Meredydd Hughes and Mike Hedges – renaged on the promise to investigate Ralph Winstanley’s deliberate killing having spent all last year realising that South Yorkshire Police has destroyed all original documents, which we had found and given to its miserable senior officers over more than a decade. SYP could only produce three lists:

    1. A two page list of the complaints which we have made over the last decade, because SYP wouldn’t do its job of investigating murder.. and because Coroner Hooper assaulted me and SYP covered that up as well.
    2. A 12 page list of documents recently received from the Doncaster Coroner’s Office
    3. A 7 page list of documents recently received from Scunthorpe Coroner’s Office
    And then David Crompton personally closed down the purported ‘investigation’.. being fully aware that we have evidence which his officers have not yet accessed, and that some of that evidence is in respect of a child protection issue, which his own officers, posted back to me in August 2009 – having been given it in April 2004. (Is this how SYP has always treated ‘child protection’? Do we pay them for this?)

    This begs the question of why documents which clearly showed:
    a) that Ralph Winstanley had not been dying; that he was deliberately killed,
    b) who organised and drove that killing;
    c) how it was achieved
    d) what incompetences (I am being kind here) within the NHS helped to achieve that killing

    At the final point, where Ralph Winstanley was clearly dying (of thirst, lack of nutrition, Diamorphine, Haloperidol, Midazolam and topped off with Hyoscine hydrobromide) clearly pornographic photographs were being used, by his killer, to taunt my grieving sister. There were some very young girls in evidence in those photographs. My first port of call with a Statement was to Rossington Child Protection Unit.

    Having called SYP, its officers – on site before he finally died – refused to access or seize them, threatened us for asking for their help, and nearly 11 years later, the person who had my father killed, is still not in jail – and David Crompton is happy with that. Why would that be? Who is he protecting, in South Yorkshire?
    read more here:
    David Crompton has also been made aware of the child protection aspect of this killing.


  3. Strange how all 4 labour candidates for pcc had possible links to knowledge of this inparticular Med Hughes and shaun wright.

    Was that the purpose to keep the lid on things against council, cllrs and police?

    Cse grooming was never raised during the hustings or during the election.


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