I spy strangers?

First reports are coming in regarding UKIP’s public meeting.

This well attended meeting had two that didn’t fit in, Peter Thirlwall and Sue Ellis, no less.

This photo was taken at the meeting, and shows Sue Ellis a Labour Councillor, click here to view Cllr Ellis’s Interests Declaration:

Sue Ellis

22 thoughts on “I spy strangers?

  1. Its a public meeting – why don’t they fit in and aren’t they allowed to attend? They clearly didn’t go in disguise so what is the point of reporting this? You’ll be having a go at them for breathing the same air as you next.


    • But why would a sitting Labour Councillar attend an opposition event so close to a general election, perhaps she realise the tide has turned.


  2. Either they are spies in the camp..or………………………………….
    Perhaps defections are on the cards?
    I take FX’s comment about “it’s a public meeting” but…….Is it not interesting a Labour councillor attends a UKIP meeting? AFAIK she has not attended any previous UKIP meetings-ever.
    Curiouser and curiouser.


    • She’s not welcome. We reliably informed on here that No Rotherham labour councillors are welcome to join Rotherham UKIP…………………….


  3. But maybe he was buying only British made goods ?
    Unlike the labour Controlled Council who are so for the British Workers the lease German Made imported Cars
    When they could Lease cars assembled in Britain Jaguar / Landrover now that’s not very good is it robin for your union members


    • Caven
      Do you buy only British goods when you are working in, wasn’t it Hengelo, NL?.
      When I was living in A’dam, NL for a few years, I bought some of my food in the M&S in Amsterdam centrum, but I bought most of my food in the Albert Heijn close by where I lived on KSML eiland.


    • This answer doesn’t make any sense.

      First of all. Why should he buy British stuff in a German shop?!?!?? Honestly, this is absolutely pointless!!!
      Second. Labour Councillors can buy the cars they want.
      Third. Labour Councillors don’t claim “I buy only British stuff”
      Four. According to this principle, you shoudn’t buy any cloths as most of them are made in China or in other countries: you shouldn’t buy fruits or all those sorts of food that is imported , no holidays in other countries but England.,etc… the list is very long.

      Instead of making pointless comments, why don’t you focus you time and energy on how to put a budget forward in the correct way and time.


    • You’re right Caven. Come to think of it his basket was full of bully beef, dried eggs and lard. As for leasing British cars I thought UKIP believed in free trade. You never told me your view regarding construction blacklists that meant that thousands of British workers had to find work overseas.


    • Very strange choice of words “enemy” opposition or other side yes.. but enemy.. You must see UKIP as some sort of threat to be an enemy . Are you a real Rev or just a pretend one ? … I ask because in my opinion a man of the cloth should treat every man woman and child as an equal regardless of political stance .. So I ask again why ..the “enemy” ?. …….I would be very grateful if you would be so kind as to reply.


      • Does this mean if I play football I should regard my opponents as my “equals” even if I discover a fatal weakness in their game plan? Maybe be nice and let them score every time we score? Are you confusing a situation where I treat people with respect and give them their due rights (which is the duty of all people not just clergy btw) with a situation where I need to win a contest? Don’t read too much into vocabulary – it is meant in the sense of opposition, one against whom you would be devising a contrary strategy, as in an electoral contest. Hence the inverted commas, which demonstrate my awareness of the negative connotations of the word. And yes, frankly, I do regard UKIP as a threat, but an undeadly political one. They are not terrorists or the KKK (unless you know something I don’t!). The use of the word arose from the context of the discussion. Being in the opponent’s camp doesn’t mean you are on their side. You may be there to find out what they are about so you can best them in the coming contest. In that sense, yes they are the “enemy” – regards, a real Rev.


      • 1TU, I can assure you that Rev. Simon Copley is a most decent, genuine and honest human being, and a man of the church.


  4. Has anyone actually read Cllr Sue Ellis’s Declaration of Interests on the RMBC website? She is far far more likely to migrate to the Green Party than to UKIP.
    I am sure the Greens would welcome her and her husband/partner.


  5. Sue Ellis being a ward councillor is maybe fed up of being the fall person for Read & Hoddinott . Always having to watch your back because of then two


  6. So it wasn’t a public meeting or was it? If it was a public meeting anyone can go. Or maybe not. Perhaps it was just a UKIP meeting disguise? In which case it should have said only Kippers allowed. As for ‘spies’. A little paranoia seems present me thinks. Good job I didn’t go I would I would have been chased away with pitchforks accompanied by cries of ‘burn the witch’.

    As for buying only British goods from supermarkets perhaps Mr Webster was purchasing spaghetti specially grown on the fantastic new spaghetti trees recently planted in Greasborough? I jest of course.

    On a similar note when I first moved to Rotherham (from over the hills and far far away) I recall one of my (and my sister’s) first meeting with a local, a rather strange man in a cafe, who insisted on shouting at everyone and who claimed he only ever bought and used things made in Rotherham ‘full stop’. Along with the other other diners, after having to sit and be shouted at for several minutes, we decided to explain to him that ‘the money’ was minted elsewhere, as well as the Levis and Adidas he was wearing being made ‘elsewhere’ too, We then asked if he could be sure the seat he was sat on, the table he was using and the cutlery he was eating with was made in Rotherham?Or for that matter the food and tea. (We were in a teasing mood) My sister then asked how he’d got to the cafe (bus it transpired) and where exactly the bus was made and where the diesel was refined? He still claimed Rotherham. Indeed he still claimed everything he used was made in Rotherham. He seemed to forget the world ‘is quite a big place’ – Rotherham isn’t – and we all depend on each other in so many ways. His last words as he left were (I’ve cleaned it up) ‘go home to where you belong you so and so’s’. Which of course we did – St Anne’s flats at the time.

    The moral is Mr Webster can shop where he wants – as can all – but if you simply think you can rely on buying 100% British / Rotherham (even cars) you may be shopping for a long time and be disappointed. We import as well as export – even to Europe – it’s the way of the world. Get used to

    By the way whatever happened to the lions on eggs’? Personally I blame Edwina Currie. Like her brother ‘the evil one and over rated Tony’ she has a lot to answer for. Is it April yet?

    SKT xxxx

    PS: I didn’t fall for the Panorama Spaghetti tree broadcast many years ago by the way.Although that indicates my age.


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