Star – Rotherham taxi drivers on strike over CCTV rule

Rotherham taxi drivers on strike over CCTV rule

Taxi drivers in Rotherham have begun an “indefinite” strike over new rules requiring them to install CCTV cameras.

The new licensing policy has been imposed by the council following the Jay report into child sexual exploitation in the town.

The report said taxis had been used by abusers to traffick victims.

Taxi drivers are concerned about the cost of installing and maintaining the cameras. The council said the policy was about restoring confidence.

The town has about 50 hackney carriage taxis and 800 private hire vehicles.


Taxi drivers hold Rotherham go-slow protest

Posted On: 01 July 2015

TAXI drivers went on strike this morning to demand further talks with the council over licensing policy changes

5 thoughts on “Star – Rotherham taxi drivers on strike over CCTV rule

  1. i cant belive that money is a factor here with the taxi drivers , half a million has just been spent on a “extension” at eastwood if money is available for that then spend some on cameras .


    • The money factor is that with

      cctv in the cab there will be a record of how many fares they have had
      and that terrifies them!


  2. The simple solution is to immediately revoke the licences of all the drivers on strike and make them re-apply using the new criteria. If they decide the new regulations are not what they want then new driver/operators can apply to operate in Rotherham.


  3. A fiver a week fee is not much compared to the alleged £200,000 per annum each of the girls is worth to some of them; especially as they’re cheap to run on drugs drink and ‘love’ , accommodation being provided either by the state or distraught parents I am told.


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