Taxi strike latest!

Taxi drivers to take strike action in Rotherham tomorrow – with ‘blockades’ threatened

Rotherham taxi drivers are set to go on strike from tomorrow in protest at controversial new licensing laws being introduced in the wake of the child sexual exploitation scandal.

The Rotherham Hackney Carriage Association has told BBC Radio Sheffield its members will not be accepting jobs tomorrow.

Strike action is due to start from 6am tomorrow and one private hire driver told the BBC cabbies are considering ‘blockades of the town’ as part of their protest.

Read the decisions here:

Rotherham taxi drivers strike in demand for further talks

Posted On: 30 June 2015

TAXI drivers will go on strike from tomorrow morning to demand further talks with the council over licensing policy changes

38 thoughts on “Taxi strike latest!

  1. And?

    Don’t suppose this anti CCTV affair has anything to do with how cash transactions would henceforth be a matter of record. Hmmmm?


  2. Please do blockade the roads. As obstuction of the highway is a criminal offence, this would be surefire way to get your license revoked.


  3. NOT! all Rotherham taxi firm agree with this strike and there are a large number of driver from Asian community are against it. Finally, lid has been opened or shall I say the curtain has been drawn on evil actions of few…

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  4. Ok Rik, one thing my friend I don’t understand on all your blogs, certain asian people are disgraced on here, but when I want to talk about the biggest hypocritical person in the history of Rotherham, ie *** *** you delete all my posts, can you please explain sir the truth ???

    ***Edited, Rik.


      • Ok Rik, don’t say you have struck a deal with him as well, bigger people and normal people like him are mentioned, but his name on a couple of my posts has been deleted, I believe either he controls these blogs or has a big influence over yourself, but there is a lot of bias stuff, and lies put on your threads, if that is the case there’s no point me writing anything at all, and just read all the fake gossip this man spews on here, you want truth and justice I will fight for you, god bless amen !!!


  5. Every taxi firm who support a strike tomorrow MUST be banned from ever holding a taxi licence again, it is obvious they are trying to cover up this disgusting criminality. If this filth do blockade our roads, I only hope the police will arrest and charge every one of them. If the police want any assistance, give us a call, I’ll be there! Filthy scum the lot of them if this is how they react to legitimate rule changes.


  6. So-called drivers association has shown they are highly incompetence and arrogant, they did not seek legal help nor advice, they are pathetic and a waste of time. Drivers and operators should plan for the future and work with the council and wait for the review of this policy which is due in the next 12 months.

    Complexities and unforeseen issues:
    -Ultimately the public will end up sharing the financial costs as fares go up.
    -How is the council going to review this new policy after 12 months, when they are not sure of the cost of cctvs and maintenance and data handling?

    This change in policy should improve Rotherham’s Taxi Trade making life easier and safer for both drivers and service users.

    From my personal experience as a taxi driver I am sure taxi drivers will gain more than the service users from this change in policy.


  7. The taxi trade and it’s drivers have been shown to be involved in crime, from the petty end, tax fraud and benefit fraud, being two of the most common, to their integral and essential role in what can only be described as, ‘serious and organised crime’, at the other end’!
    Until the trade is cleaned up, no one can have any confidence as to customers safety, nor even that the driver is who they are claiming to be and that they are properly insured?
    There is change, but it is necessary and those that oppose it, are likely crooks too!


    • Deep throat with respect there is a difference between generalisation and facts. When you generalise, you are labelling a minority and unintentionally showing predujice which is the root cause of racism.

      Please Deep Throat dig deep and mention facts.


      • I have cited facts revealed in the Jay and Casey Reports, they are specific. I suggest those who have yet to study the reports, such as yourself, should do so before spouting pure bilge!


  8. what a shambles these taxi people are “we will blockage the roads” you do that every friday outside every mosque in rotherham with your bully boy tactics .


  9. Look North has tonight not reported this ‘blockade’ or mentioned the on – going dispute. All in the name of community cohesion dontchaknow.


  10. Is there any reason not to be able use Sheffield or Donny registered private hire vehicles?
    Block the Rotherham roads and be arrested and your vehicle confiscated and crushed if it is found defective?
    Any bets on how many?


    • Apparently they were coming into Rotherham to collect fares. If there’s approximately 1200 drivers and only 100 turned up yesterday I can’t see it been an issue. F*** em.


  11. Let them have their 15mins, after all the huffing and puffing, the regulations will still go through. So what will they do then. how many of them have something to hide. Am wondering if the Inland Revenue is not lurking in the background, waiting to pounce maybe the Benefits people are also seeing of all these fit and proper persons of Taxi drivers, what each of them are claiming? From July 6th 2015, things will never be the same.


  12. I would like to know. Who has called the strike. I’ve been in this business for 8 years. Not once I’ve paid any fees to a union or the so called rphda.not once I’ve I been allowed a vote on any representative to be chairman or vice chairman of rphda. I’ve always understood that I’m employed by rmbc, although be it through a sub contractor for rmbc. And have to obide by the regulations for me it is ,a defunked strike and illegal. Bullyboy tackticks by the self imposed rphda and its supporters. So crack on lads with your strike. Lets hope rmbc revoke your licences and take legal action on the rphda.


    • “I’ve always understood that I’m employed by rmbc, although be it through a sub contractor of rmbc” Is this for real?? He’s been in the business for 8 years, who has he paid his taxes to if any, or does he believe taxes don’t exist?
      Seems to me some of these drivers are like mushrooms, kept in the dark!


      • When taxi drivers start talking about their property portfolios, the question for HMCR should be where has the money come from for these properties ? The majority of these Asians do not want jobs with PAYE. They want to be self employed so they can do as they do in corrupt Pakistan and under declare their earnings.


  13. My wife will not travel by taxi alone in Rotherham.
    I would not send my daughter to school by taxi…
    And the reason they’re striking is..?


  14. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    Look North has managed a report on this today without using the word “blockade”. Apparently it’s going to be a “slow drive”. Perhaps the police could arrest them for loitering … oh hang on, thats what many of them have been doing for years and what all this disgraceful behaviour is about. #justgetsworse


  15. The un-elected and unwanted rphda have been true to form. They have not engaged with the council in any way, so its not surprising that calling for a strike is their only option…….feeble. The council have ignored any input from drivers and been advised by Akhtar for years. The licensing dept has made no significant changes in the last 15 years because of Akhtar. Licensing have looked the other way on numerous occasions whether it was concerning an unfit driver applying for a license or a dodgy operator. On one occasion the licensing manager Deborah Bragg was suspended for alegedly making a racist remark… took Akhtar a few weeks to have her reinstated. Currently Deborah Bragg is again suspended for alegedly pocketing the £50 missed appointment fee charged when drivers fail to turn up to a vehicle mot and for issuing licenses to unfit drivers. A licensing dept not fit for purpose. One of Deborah Bragg’s bosses, Alan Pogorzelec (Business Regulation Manager) is also to blame for the sorry state of taxi licensing, he has been instrumental in allowing Akhtar to dictate, for years, how the licensing dept operates. The rot doesnt stop there. The licensing committee, comprising of a number of councillors have for years rubber stamped the reinstating of unfit drivers on Akhtars say so. The current proposals are an attempt to create a modern and professional taxi trade, but this is not enough. Commissioner Ney should weed out all those who collaberated in giving licenses to unfit drivers, whether they are councillors or council officials. Commissioner Ney should also look into the history of the Rotherham Private Hire Association, run by the operators, who have also had a hand in influencing the reinstating of unfit drivers.
    The fact that a hundred or so drivers turned up to any of the demos should be an indication that the rphda don’t have the support of the majority of drivers and only represent themselves. Most drivers are all for modernizing the taxi trade and making the necessary changes to make people safe, but fear the cost implication. If the changes were phased in over a longer period this may satisfy the majority of drivers. Rotherham deserves a safe and well regulated taxi trade and drivers tell me they want to help in providing it.


  16. The truth of the matter…..

    From the inside

    The majority of Taxi trade is for the Asians…..true.

    But the secret is that Maroof and his cousins own most of the Taxi firms, with the exception of A1 and some other on Dalton Lane. The same people that are related to Bostan Brothers and Councillor Shokat.

    Now the crack is that they have been ejected from the council but their comrades, friends/family have taken their seats. Now for example Councillors Taiba Hussain Father , who is the leader of the Asian Taxi driver is a very very close friend of Councillor Jhangir. He has said that many many times and had full access to Councillor Jhangir to get through various planning applications for Local mosques. He said it in mosque how close he was

    Now the people that own the taxi trade and making money of the back of these Asian who are trying to fund a living don’t want to come into public eye, but instead they will use their friends such as Taiba Hussain and her father and whoever else they got in place.

    Again the problem is not with the council. the problem is with the people of Rotherham that vote these people in knowingly… having full knowledge of the situation people still vote these people in.

    Now on the case of Asians hiding info in regards to CSE cases, I don;t think that can be true for many as the perpetrators probably did things out of sight….I understand most Asians are scared of elder Asians in the community and do a lot of stuff under the radar.

    Further these very same people that run the taxi trade and related very closely to Bostan and Maroof also control the drug trade in Eastwood and Wellgate. Anyone else tries it, will know what will happen although I understand they have started recruiting from outside close family…hence the young kids flying in expensive cars around Rotherham.

    CCTV must be a must in Public transport and not just any CCTV. Good quality that works. But knowing our council, mostly they will find the cheapest version possible with the maximum cost. And I bet those that would be running the CCTV will be related to one of the councillors, most likely an Asian Councillor. All well corrupted I say


    • I suspect much of what you say is true but I disagree with your comment that the problem is not with the council. The Labour council and its employees in Licensing are also at fault and should be punished for not carrying out their duties and allowing this culture to prevail.


      • How do you know the people in licensing didn’t try but were forced by ex councillors to turn a blind eye. Not saying it’s right but some people easily get bullied.


      • Fred your right…i totally agree with you. I made a mistake there….but still Rotherham ‘people voting in people linked to the ex councillors is surely somewhat unethical I think. Maybe its not, but I have a feeling in my stomach which says otherwise.


  17. @Sweet corn. I think they WERE bullied and should have reported the matter to the Police or the Papers. They shouldn’t be allowed to get off scot free because they were afraid they’d lose their job.


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