Rotherham grooming probe ‘poised to become UK’s biggest-ever CSE investigation’

Rotherham grooming probe ‘poised to become UK’s biggest-ever CSE investigation’

An investigation into Rotherham child grooming may cost nearly £7m this year as it potentially becomes ‘the single largest CSE investigation ever undertaken in the UK’.

A new report has highlighted the National Crime Agency’s Operation Stovewood as one of the key financial pressures on South Yorkshire Police.

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14 thoughts on “Rotherham grooming probe ‘poised to become UK’s biggest-ever CSE investigation’

  1. Just add this amount to the total debt this council has and don’t forget it is still not fit for purpose with a deputy chairman who denied the Jay report and several councillors who were on the scrutinies panel. The people of the borough put them back in so you reap what you sew


  2. RMBC webcast of 16/9/15 made interesting and incredulous viewing…Modern technology allowed me to view live the council meeting of my old home town from New Zealand. It’s clear the opposition have an uphill and frustrating job and will need the sustainability and bite of a terrier . I admire their fortitude.
    Frankly, I don’t understand much about political jargon … That isn’t necessary though because the character of the councilors is there for all to see on webcast and character is the most important quality because it requires brains and heart to be an public servant.
    I doubt Chris Reed and his second in command are interested in the views of an elderly woman but IMV it would be good medicine for them to view their performance on the webcast. It has a cringe factor that is funny and worrying at the same time.
    Something I have observed over the years in people who flatly refuse to take responsibility is they constantly use the term “we need to move on or move forward”… It’s Chris Reeds default answer to the matter of justice…. The past injustices impinge on the present and the future for victims who are unable to trust the very people who let them down in the first place.
    A Vietnamese friend once told me that there was no such word as ‘sorry’ in her culture. It was a meaningless word to her. Council should note it is a meaningless word to the victims and families who were wronged on every level. I don’t care if Chris Reed has brains leaking out of his ears; he doesn’t have the heart to do the job that Rotherham needs at this time. He comes across as a spin doctor and smart a..e and that makes him incompetent for his esteemed position as leader of the RMBC.


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