Rotherham abuse scandal whistleblower: True number of victims likely to be 2,000

Rotherham abuse scandal whistleblower: True number of victims likely to be 2,000

A whistleblower who helped expose the Rotherham scandal believes the true number of child sexual exploitation victims in the town is likely to be around 2,000 people.

Jayne Senior, the former manager of the Risky Business youth service who helped expose the scandal, said she thinks the 1,400 figure quoted in Professor Alexis Jay’s 2014 report is an underestimate.

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23 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse scandal whistleblower: True number of victims likely to be 2,000

  1. 2,000 is still conservative. During the time of Risky Business’ operations it documented 1,700 victims. This covers only part of the period the gangs were operating. Also not all victims will have contacted Risky Bisiness. Many of the Asian victims will have suffered in silence. So the 2,000 figure is very much a base.


    • Well then you have to wonder what the national group/gang grooming total must be

      McLoughlin(Easy Meat) puts it at least 100,000. Champion spoke of 1,000,000 – which possibly drew a certain amount of skeptical reaction, but all bets are most definitely off now.

      Easy Meat is definitely worth a read in terms of the information(good links) contained therein and also his convincing provision of context.

      An important aspect that he touches upon is the obvious similarity between Rotherham , Rochdale, Oxford et al and the atrocities of IS and Boko Haram in terms of sexual slavery

      “O Prophet! We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have paid their dowries, and those whom your right hand possesses of those whom Allah has given you as spoils of war (33:50).”

      A Muslim Sheikh told an Arabic TV Channel in 2011

      “When a slave market is erected, which is called a market in which are sold slaves and sex-slaves, which are called in the Qua’an by the name milk-al-yamin, “that which your right hand possesses” – 4:24. This is the verse from the Qu’ran which is still in force and has not been abrogated. The milk-al-yamin are the sex slaves. You go to the market and buy her”

      “Easy Meat” – Peter McLoughlin

      This has been given insufficient attention in discussion thus far – which is a considerable understatement of course.

      As apparently there are now “Child slave sex gangs” in every city in Britain.

      there was never a time for the blind eye, denial and obfuscation via disingenuous, diversionary relativist spin. And a great many people should now be looking in the mirror.


      • I keep putting off reading it so as not to overload with trauma, but I will have to do so. In my first post on this subject I estimated the victim toll was on a par with that of the total raped in the Bosnian War ie 12-50,000. I now suspect this is an underestimate. Given how many keep silent as you say it’s anyone’s guess.
        Then there are the Asian victims. The liberals were clearly hoping from the start that there would be more Asian victims uncovered to allow them to obscure the element of racial and religious hatred evident in the treatment of white victims. But liberals aren’t always wrong. An Asian woman who has spoken to many Rotherham Asian women about this tells me that in some Mirpuri streets in the town there is a victim in every house, not including the wife. They may not be pimped out but they are still sex slaves.


        • Just to clarify, the 12-50,000 total was an estimate of the national problem. The conservative nature of this is illustrated by the survey quoted by the Children’s Commissioner, a one day snapshot of just 20% of local authorities which identified 1,000 probably being sexual exploited by gangs that day. That’s not an estimate of how many girls were being exploited in those areas, just the 1,000 individuals whom they were reasonably sure were victims in one fifth of local authorities on that single day.


  2. This book should be compulsory reading for every RMBC Councillor, the Chief Executive, everyone who works in Childrens Services from the top down, the entire HR department, the entire Licencing department, Union reps and everyone at SYP from Commissioner down to PCSO. There are others who I’ve probably missed, but that will do for a start.

    I also recommend everyone who reads and comments on this blog should read it too. I won’t be writing any spoilers, we know the gist of the story, but the details are even more sickening. Jayne Seniors story of the treatment she and others were subjected to when they tried to get it all stopped, is truly shocking. But it’s the words of the girls themselves, that’s what is heart breaking. I don’t know really what I expected when I started to read it, but I wasn’t expecting to be reduced to tears. And I was, more than once.

    I have been following the story of the grooming scandal ever since it first came to light. I have my own deeply personal reasons for doing so, that I’ll not go into right now. One thing is obvious from all that I’ve learned – there are too few heroes in all of this. Jayne Senior is one of those few.

    I wish her and all the children she tried to help all the very best for the future. The tide is starting to turn.


    • I really hope you are right, re the tide turning but I’m buckling down for a long war. The handsomely remunerated enablers and protectors in the public sector won’t give up without a fight.


    • I haven’t read it, I don’t know Jayne Senior but I have seen some comments from someone who purports to be a survivor of CSE who is very scathing of her. I have no idea who’s right but I’d be happy to point anyone who’s interested in the direction of the comments. I’d be happy to put my email address on here so anyone can contact me if that’s allowed.


      • Only if you realise the potential consequences of posting your email address and want to proceed anyway. I will assume agreement, Rotherham Politics cannot be held liable for any consequences, if you were to leave your email address on here, Rik.


  3. Cllrs carry on regardless for their industrial scale failure to protect and safeguard the victims.
    And to warn public and local families of risks.

    Our MPs still claim they were never aware or informed by their buddies on council or police?

    We only voters!


  4. I watched Jayne Senior on the Victoria Derbyshire show yesterday. at 1:12;29 in.
    Not a programme I normally watch but I did not want to miss what Jayne had to say.
    If the people who knew what was happening-and when-cannot find anything in Jayne’s book or her interview to make them reach into their souls and question themselves then RMBC and SYP must carry an even bigger burden.
    I had tears in my eyes as well.


  5. It is interesting Jayne has been lionised in the establishment lefty media because of her candidature for the Labour party. The MSM and the authorities have a major scalp as she will not I suspect be firing bullets at the Labour rotten borough that has been the power whilst all this stuff has been going on. Jayne Senior needs to face a critical questioner to see why she chose to represent thealleged architects of the system where so much of the horror she is now financially and reputationally profiting from stems.


    • At first I thought she had sold out, but now am beginning to understand her reasonening for joining this currupt party and those miserable low life, who inhabit it. Her book was not only revealing, but will constantly remind these people of their failings. I would’ve said they were ashamed of their behaviour, but then again I’m talking about a Labour Party, that doesn’t have any shame.


      • Exactly I don’t believe they have any shame whatsoever.

        In large measure this is a product of the politically correct attitudes that have been programmed into them,

        This response to me on the EDL VIDEO and UPDATE post is instructive

        Robin Symonds says:
        March 28, 2016 at 9:03 pm
        Parsonage, you say………

        “Would you be so relaxed about a person with brown skin using someone else’s passport to travel abroad?”

        It is extremely sanctimonious and pharisaical – 100,000 white girls get raped, and the rest, but let’s just pass by on the other side.

        Whatever Ms Senior’s motives are in choosing to stand for Labour the old adage, “when you sup with the devil use a long spoon” seems pretty apt.


  6. Parsonage, that’s an extraordinarily abstract reference to my comment, which was specifically made in response to your stout defence of the criminality of Tommy Robinson. If you insist on attacking me then please try to apply a little more pertinence because currently you appear to bear some kind of weird grudge towards someone you don’t know.


    • What about the criminality of the Labour Party, Unions, Social workers, Pakistani friends who allow this abuse to continue for decades and not only turned a blind eye, but facilated it, no word of condemnation of your comrades. Seems like there’s one rule for you’s and another for those with opposing views. Wake up and smell the red rose, been rotting for ages, with the stench of hypocrisy.


    • Robin, I also don’t know you. But I think I know a little bit about you. You represent Unison and campaign for various good causes (eg against cuts to Children’s services).
      You also campaign against those campaigning against gang rape for the wrong reasons. Correct me if I’m wrong but you have never campaigned against gang rape simpliciter ie other than as part of a demonstration against “grooming and fascism” when the emphasis is on the latter. You link arms with local thugs such as Vakas Hussain, who threatened to set the enforcers of the rape gangs – the Bostan brothers – on a Twitter critic? The question mark there is to invite you to dispel that impression.


  7. Giles

    “I estimated the victim toll was on a par with that of the total raped in the Bosnian War ie 12-50,000. I now suspect this is an underestimate.”

    McLouglin makes the obvious point which occurred to me a long time – the cities/areas with the largest relevant demographic have seen very few “localised grooming” trials – Birmingham(1), Black Country(0), Bradford(1); as a response to the apparently industrial scale of the epidemic, this just isn’t credible.

    The author very much sees this “localised grooming” as a Muslim issue; otoh as Norfolk has revealed those convicted are overwhelmingly of Pakistani, specifically Kashmiri, heritage, But to counter McLoughlin can point to the Bristol Somali trial, the “Loverboy” phenomenon in the Netherlands and of course IS/Boko Haram. The “loverboys” are apparently of mainly Moroccan descent – maybe it’s a case of to the lead ethnicity the “spoils”. McLoughlin makes a very convincing case but the Norfolk caveat is not one that may be readily ignored. This can only be resolved by research, predictably craven UK authorities have been extremely reluctant to pick up this hottest of hot potatoes.

    “Then there are the Asian victims.”

    I think it is profoundly wrong to use this lump label. Sikh and Hindu girls have been specifically targeted since the eighties. The first recorded instance of grooming gang activity occurred in Birmingham in 1988/9. Sikhs reacted violently, and in what was the start of a depressing pattern the Sikhs were imprisoned and no action was forthcoming against the groomers at all. There was also trouble in Derby in 2001

    “A Muslim group calling itself Real Khilafa has been trying to whip up trouble by distributing a letter encouraging young Muslims to take out Sikh girls to get them drunk and convert them to Islam. The letter has incensed the considerable Sikh community and the police have been present at meetings called by community leaders.”

    A copy of the very nasty “Real Khilafah Letter to Moslem Youth”(2001) is appended in the book – it gives a bit of advice on targeting “kafirs” and Sikh girls in particular. This activity was also reported in the press in Luton.

    “The liberals were clearly hoping from the start that there would be more Asian victims uncovered to allow them to obscure the element of racial and religious hatred evident in the treatment of white victims”

    This just emphasises their culpability to me. White English victims are routinely called “white bitch…slut…..trash ….kaffir bitch” so there is no way round the strong religious and racial motivation in play here. And of course the abuser-victim proportionality is so grossly disproportionate.

    Indeed the groomer-rapists will abuse their own, and vilely so

    “A teenage girl was groomed and raped by up to 30 men during an horrific attack in Birmingham, the author of a bombshell report has claimed.

    And a father and schoolboy son were said to be among the depraved group who took part in the six-hour abuse of the Asian youngster. Others were said to include taxi drivers.”

    But nevertheless their preferences are clear (Girl C said during the Oxford trial that they were looking specifically for white girls to abuse most horribly) as is the underlying racial/religious motivation.

    “They may not be pimped out but they are still sex slaves.”

    It seems to be the white girls who get trafficked from town to town – one of the lawyers involved in the 3rd Rochdale trial said that there should be a public enquiry into trafficking, naturally this was not forthcoming. CEOP gave a typical demo of the blind eye; from when it was established through to 2011 it focused on on-line abuse and on trafficking into the country, the gang rape and internal trafficking of British girls didn’t seem to figure in its deliberations. Here again there are questions which should be asked of those who established its remit.

    Finally it is readily apparent that only a truly warped culture could have produced the group evil we see here. Here be monsters.


    • I do agree that the term “Asian” is unhelpful here. Also my talk of “Asian” victims (referring to Mirpuris) was not intended to say that these are victimised in the same way. As you say it is the white girls who tend to be pimped to all and sundry. But the same men who raped the white girls in Rotherham have abused vast numbers of Mirpuri girls, whether relatives or non relatives perceived to have breached the cultural code and rendered themselves “fair game”. It’s worth remembering them both because they are human beings too and because these guys are able to get away with their depravity largely because the Mirpuri community are told “it’s only white girls/the kuffar”


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