Before we forget – those who have gone

Rotten Boroughs is seldom so revealing:

6 thoughts on “Before we forget – those who have gone

  1. Good to see the ‘revolving door’ for well paid LA jobs is still in operation?
    What is it with Town and City councils who recycle failed wannabe’s?

    Natural leaders from the world of commerce and industry who could bring real world experience to any council are excluded from the selection processes because A) They understand the concept of value for money and B) They are not all slavish followers of the Labour party and PC nonsense.
    You do not have to be inculcated with the workings of ‘The system’ to run a Local Authority.
    The current salaries for council executive posts is enough IMV to attract people who have not spent their formative years in trades unions,the civil service or local authorities.

    Re-reading the above I expect some of the contributors to this blog will no doubt want to point out the ‘revolving door’ applies to private sector posts but to do so will miss the central issue:
    The private sector is not responsible for the abuse of young children.


    • But it takes a very special type of person to preside knowingly for years over such a horror show as the situation in Rotherham without a) doing a single useful thing about it and b) when it becomes public to brazenly walk into another authority and expect to be hired for a similar job.
      Most of us just wouldn’t be up to it.
      Maybe the years in civil services, local government and NGOs (they can be just as bad and are part of the same circus) are necessary to suck all sense of shame out of such a person and instill the sociopathic thought processes necessary to behave like that.


  2. Had a re think of things, I won’t be voting for a labour candidate even if I like them as a person, if they stand for Labour then they have lost my vote. I am told that vice chair Simon Tweed knew about the sale of a childrens play area in Dinnington for private housing, there was no consultation with the public or council. This stinks.


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