Case file on former Liverpool Council boss Ged Fitzgerald handed to Crown Prosecution Service


Mr Fitzgerald and two other former city council executives could face trial over fraud probe A case file of evidence gathered on former Liverpool Council chief executive Ged Fitzgerald and two other ex-council executives has been handed to the Crown … Continue reading

Suspended Liverpool council chief executive Ged Fitzgerald re-bailed again


Suspended Liverpool council chief executive Ged Fitzgerald re-bailed again Mr Fitzgerald and three others were re-bailed this week The chief executive of Liverpool Council – who is under investigation by Lancashire Police – has been re-bailed once again. Ged Fitzgerald … Continue reading

Sandwell also seems to have issues with a dodgy BT contract!


From the quite excellent Sandwell blog, In The Public Domain? Jan Britton’s £16m Big Black Hole! It gets more incredible by the day…. Herewith a letter which I am sending to the Chief Constable of the West Midlands and to … Continue reading

Wragged Edge


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Spotted in Private Eye for us: Fresh illumination of failure by the Investigators to see important evidence our confidential source has provided: “Jane Senior could not continue to participate in the Gowlings investigation as when she offered to share evidence … Continue reading

Some evidence for Sansome acting as henchman for Jahangir Akhtar & Roger Stone


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Termite sent me these thinking readers would appreciate these: Previously: Sansome: I was a henchman for Jahangir Akhtar & Roger Stone Posted on September 16, 2017 by rothpol This gallery contains 3 photos. It is remarkable how much can change in … Continue reading

Our Ged seems to be in a spot of bother?


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News in Private Eye of Ged Fitzgerald, one time Rotherham town clerk to Mark Edgell the then RMBC Leader. Grateful to the supplier of the image, my scanner is not working at the moment, technology eh?

Before we forget – those who have gone


Rotten Boroughs is seldom so revealing:

Peter puts his finger on it!


Peter Thirlwall’s letter published this week in the Advertiser provides us with pen portraits of the past leaders of RMBC. Views on our leaders “Since the formation of Rotherham Council in 1974, there have been four different leaders. I have … Continue reading

Mark Edgell demonstrated the arrogance of Labour!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

In this week’s Tiser “Your Memories – 10 Years Ago”, p75, my attention was drawn to a statement back in 6 December 2002 from the then RMBC Leedah, Cllr Mark Edgell, in which he dismissed the Tiser’s phone-in poll results in which 91% of respondents came out unequivocally AGAINST the RMBC-foisted stupid £500 Million Supertram toy project.

Adv 7 Dec 2012In true arrogant, out-of-touch Rovrum Laybah RMBC-style he dismisses the citizens’ expressed opinions thus: “I do not trust the validity of phone-in polls. It is always those who are motivated to be against something who vote”.

So there you have it. Arrogance personified. Your views don’t count – to him

If your opinion dares to trangress that of the Rovrum Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns it won’t count, doesn’t matter, will be overlooked, disregarded and ignored, simply because that view doesn’t match the myopic view of those in the isolated Town Hall Towers/Lubyanka.

Well, happily we had rid of Edgell eventually

He moved on to another easy salary feeding frenzy somewhere else, but of course he’s now back and a Non-Executive Director on an easy salary at Rotherham District General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

I wonder whether he will still hold those same outdated, arrogant, out-of-touch views and will similarly advise the Chairman, Chief Executive, Directors and Non-Executive Directors of RDGH to ignore the views of hospital staff, patients, stakeholders or partners if they should ever have the cheek to “be motivated to be against something”?

Remember, we’re a-watching and a-listening. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

Kind Regards,