Wragged Edge

Spotted in Private Eye for us:

Fresh illumination of failure by the Investigators to see important evidence our confidential source has provided:

“Jane Senior could not continue to participate in the Gowlings investigation as when she offered to share evidence of who knew what, the council had launched an investigation into her using victims, to discredit her which meant she could no longer assist with the council investigations.
Sadly these poor victims will eventually be dropped like a ton of bricks.”

Is there no limit to RMBC’s duplicity in order to cover up the truth?

We will get closer to the truth, than these six reports have given us, with the help of those who know the full story, acting as confidential sources.


rothpol@rikv.net or rikileaks@protonmail.com

Protonmail.com to sign up for a free  web based email account, which will then allow private, two way, exchanges in complete confidence.

11 thoughts on “Wragged Edge

  1. Disgusting, bur totally predictable and no suprise whatsoever

    The NCA Operation Stovewood was touted over 2 years ago was touted as a big deal – the results thus far have been paltry


    I gathered that they would be going after corrupt and or colluding/negligent politicians, officials, police officers.

    But nothing has resulted, and it looks highly questionable that it ever will

    The main victim in the major Halifax trial, “Georgia”, is disgusted by politicians, the Labour variety in particular

    “Asked what she would say to leading politicians if she was given a sufficient platform, Georgia is adamant she already has her answer prepared.

    “I would say please listen to the evidence and to people like me,” she adds. “And please stop demonising people that have listened. The Sarah Champion episode really upset me because I was like ‘finally someone from Labour is championing our cause’ and then within a day she has been kicked off the front-bench and silenced. It just shows the extent to which politicians are out-of-touch with the public mood in Britain.”



  2. A question for Chris Read

    When the individuals involved in the scandal do find themselves sitting an interview room after being cautioned, who will pay their legal expenses​?

    Will RMBC, their Trade Union, the Labour party or their professional body foot the legal bill?

    They will be questioned under caution the Private Eye article makes that day a little closer.

    Squeaky bum time for Leader Read, does he sit it out or does he do the right thing and invite SYP into RMBC?


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