Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?

Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?

They have their own Facebook site, Labour for Dinnington, the part where you can message them is blocked. So you comment on one of the photographs on the site, within a few minutes they are taken down, any discussion is obviously discouraged.

This proves how bankrupt of ideas these misfits are, why put your self forward if you are not prepared to have a dialogue with the voters?

The only people who are allowed to make any kind of comment are the Labour sycophants.

Labour is a party running scared.

There have been many Dinnington voters asking legitimate questions but to no avail.

Dave Smith

11 thoughts on “Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?

  1. I guest it is to stop trolls abusing them. I don’t think your the type Mr Smith however I am sure there must be another way to get your question answered.


    • So concerned citizens in Dinnington = abusive trolls? It is much the same with Maltby Labour Partys facebook page, when they recently posted a picture of the candidates taking part in a “clean up” a local lady commented “well done but what about the fly tipping on *********** ****?”. She was promptly removed from the groups page along with her comment. So much Labour listening to local peoples views and concerns, it is clear enough that it’s all hot air.


  2. One person has been blocked for correcting their spelling, everyone asking the simplest of questions is blocked. Is every voter a troll?
    Dave smith


  3. Rotherham CLP have learned their lessons well from Stalin’s Big Book of Democracy.
    Stifle legitimate debate whilst promoting the party.
    Only self criticism is allowed, criticising the party’s (lack of) efforts is viewed as propaganda uttered by rightist dissenters.


  4. Invite all the candidates to a question and answer session at the Lyric. If the Labour Candidates dont turn up, then let the people of Dinnington know. Am I right in thinking that at least two of the Labour Candidates do not live in Dinnington ?.


  5. None of the Labour candidates live in Dinnington, I asked them to take part in a full debate but it was blocked. It would seem also that Mallender has been left to go it alone, not seen either of the other two.
    Dave Smith


    • I does matter bit I was told that the posts vote will show where candidates live but not on the ballot paper at the polling stations. You could live in Timbuktu and still get elected!


  6. I thought that it was just the Maltby labour page that was blocked, they keep showing a placard saying they have ,£10,000,000 for roads do they mean in Maltby or the borough. We then have Anston la bour on their leaflet promising 10,000 jobs and approx 700 companies coming to the area but then we find out it will be by mid 2020s, would be nice to see what they intend to do about the councillors still in denial also how are the investigations going regarding missing laptops and how they intend to cut the COUNCIL debt


    • If only UKIP weren’t just as bad eh
      Why don’t you ask your son Richard why comments kept disappearing off his election page (Hellaby) last year? Why I got blocked from messaging you after you stole one of my pictures and refused to take it down…
      Shame no one is accountable, not Labour or UKIP!


  7. Labour are obviously running scared in these elections and seem unable or unwilling to confront the hard questions about their mismanagement of RMBC. Hopefully any other political party but Labour wins the council or even an anti-Labour coalition running the place would be better!


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