Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council through the Leader Chris Read, have  assured us they have changed, having learned the lessons of the past.

At almost the very first hurdle, they have given us an example of just the kind of behaviour, that allowed a ‘blind eye’ to be turned, whilst 1400 vulnerable children were abused!

I refer to the Andrew Roddison scandal. Instead of dealing with this issue, they did what Labour Group always have, they ‘circled the wagons’ and suppressed news getting out.

The events that have resulted in Roddison’s appearance in Court, seem to have occurred nearly two months ago, yet there is no sign at all that he has been suspended by the Labour Group, or the Labour Party for that matter?

The Advertiser, on it’s front page of July 1st 2016, brought this tawdry tale of inappropriate behaviour to us all. Even then, Rotherham Labour Group, quite inexplicably, failed to act in a way that lives up to the circumstances!

Why did they protect Roddison, when their attention should have been paid to the victim here? Does this simply expose Labour Group’s continuing misogyny? Why are the women labour Councillors, not jumping up and down on this issue? MPs Kevin Barron, Sarah Champion and John Healey have been silent too?

I can only come to the conclusion, there is no change in our ‘not fit for purpose’ Labour Council and Chris Read, is just another charlatan leader for now!

See also: Cllr Andrew Roddison – Town Hall sex pest?

Gregory, The Council’s Website shows him still in the Labour Party. One would have thought they would have changed it after two months?





15 thoughts on “Changed?

  1. If the Rotherham voters looked in a mirror expecting to see their own reflection the RMB councilors would be looking back at them


  2. It is not possible for people who live and work with this man (and those like him) to be unaware he is creepy….Could we be normalising creepiness as harmless until the s…t hits the fan and then pretend righteous indignation.?…Perhaps if his work mates and those who knew him had kicked his a.. long ago and told him to pull his head in or give him the boot they wouldn’t be culpable also….


    • It is common knowledge Mears/ Morrisons FS knew he was a sex pest , there was an incident he was advised to resign and the complaint was swept under the carpet. Your right if it was dealt with in the correct manor this might not have happened


  3. I can’t find any report in any local media re his supposed Court appearance last Thursday ! Perchance he went “not out” and elected to go to trial ?


    • Perhaps a question for Councilor Read at the next Council meeting would be to ask what he knew and if so what did he do and who else did he speak to about it…That’s what public question time is for….If nobody does so then one can take the view that nobody really cares enough eh….


    • Natalie, Roddison’s suspension/expulsion may or may not have been clearly stated on this site, (please point me in the right direction) but RMBC still show him to be a Councillor, so what are we to believe. If it helps,, I saw him entering the Town Hall around 3pm on Friday 15th.


  4. Hi Natalie, the only evidence I can find of this is ‘Gregory’ on the last post stating that he has been suspended. Could you please provide a link?

    If it is true I hope he does the decent thing and resigns as a councillor fully rather than sit as a new independent in the chamber. Rotherham deserves better than this.


  5. In the interest of having Magistrates that are impartial Councillor Andrew Roddison’s case has been transferred to Leed’s Magistrates court to be heard on Wednesday the 10th August 2016.


  6. Another Labour Councillor that will not be put before the Standards Committee, but there again the Standards Committee are only there to prosecute Independent Members.
    Standards, what Standards. The Non standards Committee.


    • The courts have more power than the standards committee. Let the courts have their say. If convicted it will save the Rotherham council tax payer money.


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