Jeremy Corbyn allies plan to approve mandatory reselection by end of year in move that could ‘purge’ dozens of Labour moderates

Jeremy Corbyn’s allies are planning to end the parliamentary careers of dozens of critical Labour MPs by approving plans for mandatory reselection by the end of the year.

The Telegraph understands his supporters will use their increased majority on the party’s ruling body to clarify rules about which MPs can stand for election after the 2018 boundary review.

Rhea Wolfon, elected to the Labour’s National Executive Committee [NEC] this week, hinted at the move by saying the party must have a “conversation” about “mandatory reselection”.

However Andy Burnham, Labour’s new mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester, said it would “pull the rug from under our MPs” and fuel a “climate of distrust”.

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5 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn allies plan to approve mandatory reselection by end of year in move that could ‘purge’ dozens of Labour moderates

  1. It will be welcome.

    MPs can not have it both ways.

    They forced the elected leader to face
    re selection after only 9 months.

    At least they can face proper scrutiny and examine closely their voting records on issues and their conduct


  2. Currently we have MPs pitted against the Leader and the Membership so something has to give. Whatever the outcome of the current leadership election the legacy will be one of bitterness and recrimination. Winning the next or even the next but one election looks an unrealistic prospect when the survival of Labour as a party is at stake. One can understand why people would want to de-select some sitting MPs but that might not be necessary as the electors will do the job for them anyway. Facing the tories in many marginal seats, i.e. now any with a majority less that 6,000, as well as UKIP in previously ‘safe’ northern seats Labour could be reduced to a rump of inner city constituencies. A prediction for what it is worth – the next Labour PM has yet to be elected as an MP!


  3. Is it any wonder they cancelled the nomination meetings in Rotherhan for Labour leadership when they tried to stitch things up and exclude the members. whilst the MPs who supporting owen wotsit sat on their hands and again tried to say nowt to do with us gov.
    Feeble excuse and ringing hollow.

    Meanwhile in most othe clps Corbyn is cleaning up.

    Currently 148 – 23 clps

    A lot more members than 172 plotting MPs!


    • “A lot more members than 172 plotting MPs!”
      The MP’s sit in the HoC and until such times as they are selected/deselected (if ever) they can choose to ignore the members and/or the CLP, most of them will probably accept the majority views of Labour party members and the resolutions of their CLP but they cannot be compelled to do so.
      Do not forget that any Labour party member who wants to be an MP must also appeal to the majority in his/her ward, relying on the votes of just 200/300 Corbynista’s to be elected is doomed to fail.


      • Ultimately they must appeal to the electorate and that looks increasingly unlikely.
        Whatever the issues at the next election the electorate tend not to vote for divided parties and Labour are certainly a divided party. Members and activist will not get them into government, they have to appeal to the electorate.


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