Roddison – Now Ex-Councillor

Roddison seems to have bowed to the inevitable:


South Yorkshire councillor resigns over sex assault

A South Yorkshire councillor convicted of sexual assault has resigned.

Andrew Roddison, aged 41, who was elected as a Labour councillor in Rotherham in 2011, resigned on Monday.

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The events of Monday:

I gather numerous attempts were made on Monday to contact Andrew Roddison, but all were ignored.

Using the fact of Roddison’s curfew, 7pm to 7am, an officer was dispatched to Roddison’s home on Monday evening to secure his signature on a pre-prepared resignation letter, which was duly obtained. Who, I wonder, was that officer? We should be told!

12 thoughts on “Roddison – Now Ex-Councillor

  1. Was it the fear of being humiliated by Allen Cowles’ proposal or peer pressure that made Roddison finally give up his untenable position as a councillor?
    The Labour party has once again shown itself to be incapable of policing councillors who attend RMBC meetings, it was an opposition councillor that stepped up to the plate and helped to bring this sordid affair to an end.
    Well done Cllr. Cowles.


  2. Yes well done Cllr Cowles. If only he hadn’t resigned ( see his solicitors comments in last Friday’s advertiser) before the motion submission deadline your redundant and now pointless motion would have been pivotal. There ain’t half some tripe posted on here, the appearance of the rotund one at full council had nowt to do with any political party. They’d suspended him and the council couldn’t stop him as an elected member, still couldn’t but the requirements of his sentence can now so he either resigned or got booted out in 5 months. It’s not hard is it?


  3. Did see your previous post and concede that now under misconduct in public office he, in all likelihood, would have been kicked out. But definately not before his guilty verdict, the period which included his cameo at full council when his party and council were powerless to stop him. Anyway he’s gone now and it’s naff all to do with any motion before council.


  4. Ben T
    Quite simply you miss the point.

    It isn’t anything to do with the proposed motion (although that would have hit today) but to do with Rodisson’s Labour colleagues including Read, who failed to police the situation as they should have dome from the outset.

    In fact, the reverse had happened. His Labour peers had already voted on him keeping his allowances whilst he was on bail. He sneaked into the council meeting by a side door and for a very short while in order to keep his attendance.

    His downfall was brought about by sheer public pressure at the horror he caused, a PREVIOUS victim disclosing on Rotherham Politics (look for the blogs) that he had done the same to her, his victim’s lack of support from her Labour peers, UKIP Cllr Ian Finnie’s principled resignation letter and Allen Cowles early planning to bring a motion today.

    The Labour council have a long history of no moral compass and failing to police its councillors. Look back at Akhtar’s troubled and seedy past. He refused to go and they( and us) were stuck with him.

    Well done to everyone to get this sex pest out. Let’s hope other victim(s) come forward.


  5. Clouds I’ll be brief
    You say I miss the point and then repeat (almost) my last sentence.
    Pray tell when the vote on his expenses took place? Save you some time, there never was one.
    He was escorted to the council chamber door had it opened for him by a council employee and poked his head through. No councillors of any persuasion was involved.
    His downfall was brought by his own actions, his conviction and the fact even he could probably see his position as untenable.
    But hey I’m just glad he’s gone, if you want to believe it was through a wider social push, this site or Cowles motion good luck to ya. But it weren’t


  6. See the council meeting webcast you will then see and hear that Roddison had to have a little bit of help with his resignation late Tuesday night so I think the motion did have some effect
    And again it is stated and eledged that a Labour Councillor did in fact assist him when he sneaked in the back door


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