Abuse of the Council email system

Denise Lelliott evidently cannot see the difference between her Council role from his labour party role, apologies to Brian Steele for my mistake. I am grateful to our anonymous spotter for this exchange:




10 thoughts on “Abuse of the Council email system

  1. Something is not right. Why does an (allegedly) experienced councillor need to be told to stop abusing the council’s in house email system?
    It is standard practice in all well run companies/councils that private emails are sent from your personal account.
    Another example of the ‘Fresh Start’ Cllr.Read?


    • Colin,
      In some 30’ish years of using e-mail, I have only ever come across 2 organisations where I was even allowed to have my own personal email on their system. … and this was in the early days before they had their own systems, and I had a Compuserve account.
      Sure it is easier to organise today, with smartphones and ‘pads, but then didn’t I read somewhere that Councillors were given ‘pads as part of the Council role?
      (One organisation I did some consulting for in the year 2000 even insisted that I took a test before I could use their e-mail system!!! )

      In no way is this intended to justify the action of Cllr. Lelliott


  2. I remember a time when 4 “frontline” RMBC officers were suspended and or sacked for “misuse of Council computers” for simply exchanging an email of two well known cartoon characters within the same office ! This was during the time of (Common Purpose) Officer K**y ! Pity the rules are not enforced so savagely when it is a Councillor ! The usual RMBC double standards we should be used too by now !


  3. But Cllr Steel was using the Council facilities to warn his comrades is that not also an abuse and using council supplied services in an election ???


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