Sansome and Delilah.

There’s been a cultural shift within Rotherham Labour Group in the last few years. Supposedly. But sometimes, change can be more a question of style over substance can’t it? The composition of the Cabinet still ensures that certain sections of the community are over-represented, for instance. And those beyond the inner circle still struggle to get their voices heard if the whispers are to be believed. But the truism that the more things change, the more they stay the same can, in some ways, be exemplified by the rise of Stuart Sansome, the most articulate and charming man to grace the Council Chamber since Richard Russell. 

Sansome is being tipped for future Cabinet greatness by some, though I’ve heard that like many of his Neanderthal predecessors, he has a little help with emails, and his pithy speeches. A case of behind every man there is a great woman perhaps? 

But others talk of another woman standing in the shadows behind Sansome, whispering niceties in his ears whilst smiling a watery smile. Because this particular woman surely knows that many distasteful boxes needs to be ticked, and many shabby deals done if her ambition to be the next MP for Rotherham is to have even the slimmest chance of being realised.  Sansome, you see, is a former big noise in Community Union, the new name of the old Iron and Steel Trades Confederation. The very same ISTC that contributed towards the election expenses of the likes of Peter Wootton, the former Chairman of the Licensing Board, who rumour suggests did the bidding of his former ward colleague Mahroof Hussain, in cahoots with Cllr Rose McNeeley, to ensure that Moofy’s supporters also turned out for them on voting day. And Glyn Whelbourne, the former Chairman of the Overlook and try to look Inscrutable Committee. And of course, Roger Stone, about whom more than enough has been said already. Truly, Sansome stands on the shoulders of giants! 

But she who stands in the shadows waiting for a piggy back is sure to know that Community Union has traditionally punched above the weight of its affiliation fee when it comes to selecting the Labour candidate for Rotherham constituency.  And so she’s probably also worked out that it might therefore be in her interests if Sansome thinks he has the ear of the Council Leader, because this will make him feel big and important. And then with a bit of luck and good management, he will win hearts and minds within Community circles on her behalf. 

Rumours suggest that Sansome struts about the Town Hall as if he owns the place these days. Indeed, some are wondering whether he might have secretly made his own paper crown in anticipation of Sarah Champion’s unlikely abdication. But my understanding is that he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the All Woman Shortlist yet. When he does, after staring into space for a few moments and blinking a couple of times, he might have to go for a sit down and a little think about the old saying that the higher the monkey climbs the tree the more he shows his arse.

He might also want to reflect on whether she who might be contemplating a quickstep with Community now, was once willing to dance with the devil. Because before appearing on the front page of The Times, having opportunistically scrambled far enough up the greasy pole to attain the position of Deputy Leader of the Council deemed not fit for purpose, she was the Press Officer of Rotherham Labour Group. Someone really should ask her what that role entailed. And whether it meant that she had a hand in activities that attempted to suppress the publication of articles about child sexual exploitation in Rotherham in that very same newspaper. Food for thought indeed.



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34 Responses to Sansome and Delilah.

  1. John says:

    Sansum is not very bright at policy or speaking but very adept at brown nosing and being a lackey.

  2. Albion says:

    One thing is for sure, if a certain member of the Labour Party should even consider her place on a future all female shortlist for Saint Sarah`s seat is a dead cert then she has sadly underestimated the ability of rank and file members to recall who kept them in line and maintained a tight media lid on the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

  3. Bill says:

    Sansome has some strange bedfellows

  4. Swinton Momentum says:

    He violently threatens party members in meetings if they disagree with him – happened a few months back and it got covered up by his councillor buddy’s, all of which are on the ‘payroll'( cough*) .

  5. P Reid says:

    How is it possible for Emma Hoddinot to even be a Councillor in this town? Paul Lakin and her had to resign as Leader and Deputy Leader when the council they were controlling was found not fit for purpose. Lakin isn’t even a Councillor any more yet she is a cabinet member promoted by her partner Chris Read. If she was Labor Group Press Officer she should answer the question about whether she suppressed stories about CSE and if she did she should resign again.

  6. Ex steeler says:

    One of best things that happened was sansome being the union boy where he was off the shop floor annoying the hell out of other people, was a complete liability and not to be trusted with anything thats why everyo e down parkgate joined unite at the same time . If he starts supporting that hodinot you can bet your bottom dollar shes going nowhere fast.

    • Rusty says:

      So true ex steeler. He also knows how to look the other way and keep his snout in troff. He was a bully boy with a big gob to shout the odds.

  7. Ex steeler says:

    Lads used to not bother saying stuff when he was on because he couldnt do anything useful, in end we all left and joined unite

  8. Anvil says:

    Gutless. He nearly always conceded to management. No fire in belly wen it mattered.

  9. Community/ISTC bloke says:

    No one can understand how he got as far as he did to be honest. I can remember him struggling to read minutes at meetings and then everytime he was questioned wanting to take it outside. I suppose that was fine in those days, in that time and place but not now. I can’t see him backing a woman with no steel background for the Rotherham seat though, this article is very innacurate in this respect

  10. Officer-J says:

    Who was pro remain/pro brexit from this lot?

  11. the other 50% says:

    What’s the above comment got to do with the subject matter under discussion?

  12. Rusty says:

    Sansum was renowned for chucking his weight around. spitting his dummy out when failed to get own way.

    • Ex steeler says:

      Dint do too bad though, loads of compensation and signed off with mega bucks when all lads were gettin laid off

  13. Rotherham Resident says:

    why does it have to be all about someones desires for westminister and not actually doing something useful for the people in Rotherham

  14. Riverside Chit Chat says:

    Makes you wonder what type of dirty feals are being done to hand sansome the mayoralty

  15. Swinton Momentum says:

    A little birdy tells me he’s gone mental. All I can say is ‘watch this space’

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  17. Kings Head says:

    He’s known as foghorn-leghorn up this end he never shuts up!

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  19. Swinton Momentum says:

    wonder if hell be out on the streets this election

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Worth noting that his missus is the Wentworth constituency secretary too. She’d never been involved in Labour at all until he became a councillor and then backslid up the greasy pole by shitting all over long-standing members, even to the extent of stirring vicious rumours and innuendos about people. Risible individual.

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