Hoddinott the recycling queen.

Hoddinott the recycling queen.

Well, well, despite her proclamations that she would only serve two terms, Sarah Champion is the first of the town’s MPs to confirm she will be standing for re-election this June.

All utterly predictable of course, given the price of pony nuts these days. In all probability, Champion will retain the seat with support from the brothers of the biraderi, aided and abetted by the momentously blinkered. But, if I may coin a vulgar colloquialism; this has rather pissed on Emma Hoddinott’s firework.

It was pure serendipity that Hoddinott was out supporting a council initiative to get Rotherham recycling this week, given the number of times she’s attempted to recycle herself. Let’s see; ex trade unionist, ex wannabe MEP, and ex parliamentary hopeful for seats across the region.

Ex being the operative word in each instance. But let’s not forget Hoddinott’s most significant former roles were those of Press Officer of Rotherham Labour Group during the final years of Roger Stone’s leadership, when there were allegations that she was involved in attempting to gag journalists reporting on the child abuse scandal. And former Deputy Leader of the Council declared not fit for purpose.

I’ve heard on the grapevine that Hoddinott’s ambition knows no boundaries locally. Especially ward boundaries it would seem. Because Hoddinott has moved house. Out of Bramley, which lies in the Wickersley ward she was elected to represent, and into neighbouring Sitwell ward. No big deal in the grand scheme of things perhaps. Most people aspire to home ownership in one of the better parts of town don’t they? But seriously: A councillor who actually lives in the ward they represent moving out! What are the voters of Wickersley to make of that?

But there’s a persistent rumour about there’s a swimming pool in Hoddinott’s new back garden. Hard though it is, we must shelve that mental image of the pool side drinks parties with carefully selected sycophants parading in their cozzies desperate to impress the big fish in the small pond. Better to focus on whether the swimming pool in the garden and a seat at the Cabinet table are now the ultimate symbols of being handsomely rewarded for repeated failure.

But I wonder what the good people of Rotherham would think, if they knew that  Roger Stone’s little helper in the Press Office turned Deputy Leader of their not fit for purpose council, now splashed about in her own private pool with the rubber ring. Perhaps they should be told? But given recent events, perhaps the glad tidings should be shared with the citizens of other boroughs too. Because rumour is that Hoddinott has already packed her little red suitcase, and has crayoned the words West Hull and Hessle across the side. Underneath a forlorn old unison sticker that just won’t come off despite all the rubbing.

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7 thoughts on “Hoddinott the recycling queen.

  1. I bet council officers and anyone with more than four brain cells love nothing more than spending hours in meetings with a failed MP wannabe, with a C-rate intellect, droning on in that monotone self satisified style that went out of fashion in the late 90’s


  2. Hoddinott and Read have been moved for quite some time. Living in Bramley they didn’t live in the Wickersley Ward where they are both councillors. They still don’t even now they have moved into Sitwell ward.

    In addition. they clearly don’t know, understand or care about planning applications and regulations. They erected a new and very tall and ugly fence which is well over 6 feet high along the frontage of their house and is in breach of Planning Regulations.

    The brainless duo must think they can do whatever they want as ‘we know nowt….hear nowt, say nowt ‘ and…. ‘I am the council boss so me and my missus can please ourselves, oh yeah?’.

    Hull and Hessle are welcome to the dimwit Hoddinott. Somehow I think the consituents of West Hull are more discerning then she would hope for.


  3. Breaking news, May calls a General Election!
    Giddy expectation grips a suburban house in leafy Stag, the time has come, all those years of being a Pilgrim are over, £85k a year, another gold plated pension and only seven weeks away from being the new female Labour MP for Rotherham.
    Stop, shock news, Saint Sarah of the good borough of Rotherham is not going to stand down after two terms of being the MP for Rotherham, no fear of that, there never was.
    Even more shock news, the Hull Daily Mail has archive material on each of the the potential candidates for June 8th.


  4. ‘The Dumpster’ was given this enviro cabinet role by her live in partner who is the leader…. makes you wonder doesnt it


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