Muhbeen’s boycott of the Police – The unattractive side

Boycott the Police – CEO of British Muslim Youth

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The MrBean Hussain & Chris Read Letters: Boys will be..?

When Mubeen Hussain emerged from the womb and a midwife smacked his arse he screamed “racist” followed by loud sobs of “me, me, me”. Many thought the midwife had smacked the wrong end, and should have a second or even third go.

Muhbeen followed uncle Mahroof into the family business of doing….not a lot really. Through a strange mix of caste, biraderi and really pushy mums the Hussain men have decided they are chosen by God to be leaders of men.

For his birthday the family gave him a small political party…Rotherham Muslim Youth. It wouldn’t fit his ego, so taking it back to M&S he changed it for a bigger one…British Muslim Youth.

This came with its own taxi drivers and a membership age range of 0 to 95. The cunning change of name extended his boundary of power and influence from number 45 Wellgate up as far as the Kurdish Delicatessen at number 93

Muhbeen got his first big break in the Rotherhama CSE gig, when hordes of journalists beat a path to the town.

The turning point coming while being interviewed for the BBC , outside the Town Hall by his Cousin. Two white youths in a car shouted out asking the way to Jacko’s Takeaway and Carwash. In the cold, the wind, the rain and with emotions running hot, their strong local accents translated into “eff off you effing b***k bast***d”. The journalist cousin also had a head cold.

A martyr was born and since then he’s had numerous victories. He was particularly adept at using his media cousins to spot disillusioned BBC researchers from Stockport, press-ganged into visiting Rotherham to find the authentic voice of Muslim Youth. “Ye Gods, its freezing in this dump. Whose the nerd over there with the please interview me placard?” Said one such.

Most stunning was his effort to organise a boycott of the Police because of their deeply offensive success in capturing the perpetrators of two nasty hate crimes. Apparently great aunt Taiba had to step in and remind him, you boycott the Police when they fail, for which there are many opportunities, but this is not one of them.

Now he’s had a set back. He’s attempted to grab self publicity by demanding a meeting with the Council Leader, Chris Read, claiming he (not Read) is a misunderstood youth deserving of some love and attention.

Cllr Read’s response was in essence, “go away you obnoxious little twerp.” Read, having appointed two, out of three, Kashmiri Cllr’s to his first cabinet of just 4 people reckons he knows a self serving little twerp when he sees one.

[I am sure Rik will find a way of attaching the letters to this article, so you can decide for yourself if my interpretation of Cllr Read is fair.]

Muhbeen further chose to illustrate his dumbness by publishing the correspondence, thereby revealing his impotence on Twitter.

I reckon aunt Cllr Taiba and great uncle Cllr Saghir should find him something useful to do after he’s broken the toy the family gave him….otherwise family izzat is in for a hit among those who matter.

Wil Ewart @WilEwart

PS Give my regards to Moofy


.Chris Read is referring to this boycott: Rotherham Muslim group refuses to co-operate with South Yorkshire Police and threatens to abandon any Muslim that does.



6 thoughts on “Muhbeen’s boycott of the Police – The unattractive side

  1. You just have to wonder why any right minded individual would want to boycott the police, hate crime is on the increase and not just from the far right.

    This from the Star:

    Sheffield radio station Iman FM suspended for broadcasting ‘terrorist’s hate-speech’ during Ramadam

    A Sheffield radio station has been taken off the air after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures “encouraging and condoning” violence towards non-Muslim people.


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