Disabled Motoring UK – responds

Rotherham Politics has had a response from Disabled Motoring to our story: RMBC wins award from Disabled Motoring UK – Despite having the Blue Badge Abusing Councillor! I quote:

“Disabled Motoring UK awarded Rotherham MBC Parking Services this award because they are one of very few councils actually doing anything to stop Blue badge abuse. The behaviour of one councillor should not detract from the hard work of these parking officers in bringing abuse under control. If it wasn’t for the enforcement team i doubt this councillor would have been caught. I sincerely hope they will be punished accordingly.”

1 thought on “Disabled Motoring UK – responds

  1. Oh dear it looks like the recent Rotherham winner of the Miss World Contest has been found out to be a Man … how utterly embarrassing for the award donors … seems like some clued up active and empowered citizen has tipped them the wink … so to speak 🙂

    (a) – I wonder iffen the award donors will be calling for the return of the award? …

    (b) – or will the award recipients be shamefully returning the award? …

    (c) – or calling for the imposition of parking enforcement charges against anyone, particularly a RMBC Elected Member of Officer, who’s caught improperly using a Blue Badge …

    Based on past evidence from the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns my money’s safe on neither (a) (b) or (c) happening here in poor old Rovrum …

    Blue Badge, I see no Blue Badge Cllr, no fear, I’m severely myopic, it was a trick of the light …


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