Disabled Motoring UK – responds

Rotherham Politics has had a response from Disabled Motoring to our story: RMBC wins award from Disabled Motoring UK – Despite having the Blue Badge Abusing Councillor! I quote:

“Disabled Motoring UK awarded Rotherham MBC Parking Services this award because they are one of very few councils actually doing anything to stop Blue badge abuse. The behaviour of one councillor should not detract from the hard work of these parking officers in bringing abuse under control. If it wasn’t for the enforcement team i doubt this councillor would have been caught. I sincerely hope they will be punished accordingly.”

RMBC wins award from Disabled Motoring UK – Despite having the Blue Badge Abusing Councillor!

Disabled Motoring UK has announced its awards for 2011. Rotherham Parking Enforcement Team has won the 2011 Award for Effective Enforcement, a new award.

Martin Beard, the council’s parking services manager proudly collected the award at ceremony organised by Disabled Motoring UK, which took place on the first evening of the Goodwood Revival on Friday 16th September. Well done to Martin and his team!

Martin was accompanied by his own boss, Colin Knight, to the well supported event.

It is vital for the future of the disabled parking scheme locally, that the non disabled, have full confidence in the Blue Badge Scheme’s operation by ensuring that privileges are not being abused.

Which sadly, brings me to our very own Blue Badge abusing councillor, as yet still hiding behind the wall of silence provided by Rotherham Labour Group and a number of senior officers, one of whom has left the authority in the intervening period.

The known facts:

A councillor used his wife’s Blue Badge when she was not present and was caught by a member of the enforcement team.

He was not aware at the time of the offence of the flaws, later obligingly discovered for him, in the order.

He must have realised that this was simple casual abuse at the time, for which he could, if caught, be prosecuted.

He must also realise that, despite escaping prosecution on a technicality, he had broken his councillors code of conduct and later went on to require officers to breach theirs, it would seem, to protect him! See: Principles in Rotherham Public Life? Download Councillors Code of Conduct and Officers Code of Conduct.

He must also know that his very undignified behaviour, displaying outrageous contempt for the laws, under which he is supposed to be accountable, arrogance beyond measure and a basic cowardice when confronted with his calumny, Has resulted in the whole of the Labour Party in Rotherham, being brought in to disrepute, not just him!

He must also by now have realised the old maxim to be true “It’s the cover up that becomes the issue.” Had he owned up early doors, no doubt, he would have had his leg pulled, more than likely, from us as well as the Advertiser. Embarrassment only would have been result, that and a short trip to the Standards Committee, who would have given him no more than a slap on the wrists you can be sure.

Now the issues have become significantly more serious for this individual, a simple slap on the wrists will no longer be enough, the Labour Group should now take their responsibilities seriously and deal with him, in the only way which would leave them with any credibility, and expel him!

Surely he is not labouring under the misapprehension that his identity is not known? Seems to me, that his cover is blown, perhaps he might even at this late hour realise that he must now self identify, to retain at least some vestige of credibility, honour and decency.

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