Lower than a snakes belly!

This just in from Cerberus:

It just goes to show how low two Labour supporters will go to score a political point, this Tweet on Darren Hughes site with comments from Cllr Chris Read, they should both be ashamed of themselves.

“Gillian Radcliffe withdraws as an independent candidate for SYPCC. Anything to do with working for SY Police press office at time of Hills D 35 minutes ago”

Scoring political points when 96 people lost their lives says it all  about these two.

A retraction and an apology?

An apology from the Rotherham Labour Party?


32 thoughts on “Lower than a snakes belly!

  1. Dear Cerberus,

    Perhaps you may allow me the liberty of commenting on the faecal Twitter-Twatter site of Del Boy, the Champayne Commissar for Da Laybah Grooip, and the vomit-inducing addition from Cllr Chris Longshanks.

    I think it’s a pretty fair bet that both those two arrogant Laybah scumbags have never ever stood a post, or intervened on their hands and knees in the rain to help a citizen who is drawing their last breath, or pressed their hand tight on someone’s face that has opened up to the elements and is haemorraghing venous blood at an alarming rate, or performed CPR, or witnessed the sudden death of a newborn baby on Christmas Eve.

    Well i have done all those things in my life as a public servant. And distressing though it is, I accept that I chose to join and therefore I accepted that I would be called upon to act and use my clinical skills from time to time.

    But, despite my exposure to those distressing experiences I have not lost my sense of compassion and humanity towards those in need or distress, and it is for that reason that I am utterly appalled at the sniggering jovial public comment that those two unworthy clowns have now unleashed in the public domain.

    Please remind me to be on my best behaviour if I’m ever unfortunate enough to meet those two Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns.


    • It has been a disgraceful cover up on a mammoth scale and so much heartache for the relatives of their loved ones. In interests of accountability, the police responsible should be held accountable but also those on the police authority both at the time and over the years.

      The whole scandal has tarnished our area for so long.

      There must be justice for the 96.

      No more coverups, white washes and corporate lies

      As for that rag the Scum, it should be boycotted not just in Liverpool but by all decent people everywhere for this and their past crimes.


  2. I hesitate to even respond to their comments because, frankly, I agree with Cerberus that the PCC elections and the political issues around it are completely dwarfed in importance by the Hillsborough tragedy and the new revelations. However the question is being asked and I’ll answer it.
    To be fair, the timing of my announcement is unfortunate so I understand that people will want to make Hillsborough connections, but they’re wrong. I had planned to pull out yesterday but that would have been too insensitive for words on the day of the Hillsborough report publication, so I waited. I couldn’t delay any longer as I am considering – and I emphasise the word “considering” – putting in an application to serve as an Independent on the Police & Crime Panel. The application period closes tomorrow and I feel it would be wrong to apply while still in the running for PCC. Also I had a meeting arranged with HMIC on Monday and I didn’t feel it was fair to waste his time knowing that I had already made the decision to pull out.
    As for my connection to Hillsborough issues, I did not start work for South Yorkshire Police until two years after the disaster, though the consequences were ever present in our work. The Hillsborough findings have been a shock to me, as to many other decent people from my South Yorkshire Police days, including my then Chief Constable Richard Wells who has spoken about it on national radio today. He was, and is, a man full of integrity and decency and he was the person who brought me in to help create a more open, honest and accessible organisation. I think we succeeded in that, in general terms. SYP changed immeasurably over the course of several years but clearly there were things we didn’t know about Hillsborough and things that a large-scale investigation, an inquest and a public enquiry failed to uncover. I hope that further scrutiny of who-did-what will follow and that those who were in the wrong will be called to account.
    So no, I’m not bowing out of the PCC contest because I have any reason to be ashamed of my time with SYP. On the contrary, I was very much inspired by Mr Wells leadership and proud of what we achieved in rebuilding things. Seeing how badly some senior officers had done things before our time just made me more committed to making things better in policing and in other public services where I’ve worked. I wasn’t alone. There were many excellent people at SYP then and the same is true now.
    As I’ve given my critics the courtesy of an honest response, I hope they’ll accept it gracefully and not try to create some kind of Hillsborough bandwagon for this PCC election. That would be offensive and cynical in the extreme. Frankly, it was also be a bit pointless since I am no longer standing.


    • Gillian
      very sorry to hear you have withdrawn from the election. I am not sure if I would have voted for you but you sure ruffled a few feathers in your short campaign. All the best for the future.


    • Though I agree with a lot of what you say, who is to say that this so called “Independent” enquiry is more truthful than any of the preceeding ones. “Independent” no, how could it be with the Bishop of LIVERPOOL chairing it. They obviously have not read the dozens, if not hundreds of statement taken from members of the public living around the ground who detail the drunkenness and behaviour of the 3,000 Liverpool fans who came without tickets (fact). They have chosen to ignore statements from people on the ground who actually saw Liverpool fans urinating on the backs of officers carrying out CPR and picking pockets. And to come to the conclusion that Liverpool fans were not to blame is quite frankly ridiculous. They have conveniently forgotten about Heysel some 4 years earlier when 14 Liverpool fans were convicted of manslaughter for doing virtually the same thing though dozens of others were involved. A leopard does not change its spots! I could go on for ages about the evidence available to this enquiry which they have conveniently chosen to ignore. The truth, No! Those who choose to pontificate about it now, Including Richard Wells and the current Chief Constable know nothing about it. They were not there.


  3. Hughes and Read should have got their facts correct before Tweeting their vile comments!

    Gillian Radcliffe.
    Head of Press & PR
    South Yorkshire Police
    July 1991 – June 1997 (6 years)

    Hillsborough 15 April 1989.

    RIP the 96.


  4. Great, so with Gillian withdrawing, the choice is between a fool and an idiot? I’m not voting for either.
    As for Darren’s tweet, he should be just as ashamed that the Tory party he supported/represented along with the vile Thatcher, were involved the scandalous cover-up in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster?


    • Omar,
      There. Is no evidence to support a cover up by the government of the day. You really need to be more objective in your criticism. You were not around at the timen I and my sister were and lived very close to that football ground.


      • No, but there’s plenty to suggest that the government of the day could have done more. I couldn’t care less what you think of my opinion. You ‘were not around’ during WW1 but I assume you’ll have an opinion on it? I suggest you focus on your own views, rather than mine. Where you lived at the time and the relevance or irrelevance of it does not bother me.


    • Gillian,

      So one down, another one to go.

      That’s a grovelling desperate-for-Laybah-votes public apology received from Longshanks, but nowt yet from Da Laybah Champayne Commissar?


  5. I am not sure who coined the phrase Scum Labour, it is appropriate in this case.

    Just when you think politics in Rotherham cannot get any grubbier out comes Darren Hughes and Chris Read.

    This is their exchange on Twitter:

    Darren Hughes ‏@darrenjlhughes
    @christophe_read not to mention the timing!!!! Suspicious !!
    4h Darren Hughes Darren Hughes ‏@darrenjlhughes
    @christophe_read on both counts!! She is citing lack of funds but given
    current coverage of hills D and her post at time!! Begs the question
    4h Darren Hughes Darren Hughes ‏@darrenjlhughes
    Gillian Radcliffe withdraws as an independent candidate for SYPCC.
    Anything to do with working for SY Police press office at time of Hills

    Both of them should hang their heads in shame.

    Anyone seen comments on other RMBC Cllrs accounts?


    • Agreed, but it would help if they could read. Why the hell do people keep voting for them round here? I’d vote for anybody (except respect) to get rid of them!


  6. Cerberus
    I am assuming the 2 tweeters were posting in a private capacity and not as official labour Party spokesmen. If that had been the case an unreserved apology would defo be the right thing to do.


  7. Omar

    Loved your response to Cass ” you were not around during ww1 but I assume you’ll have an opinion on it” classic!!!!!

    I think you may have outed a Tory young man.


  8. Tory young man? Who’s the Tory young man – I’d like to meet him, he’d be a change from the corrupt Labour councillors we have around here. By the way Omar, the Tories were very pleased when Darren left, he was an embarrassment to them as well! He’d probably be an embarrassment to his own mother.

    You brought up Hillsborough, now I’ll tell you something. My grandparents lived on Fielding Road at the time a few minutes walk from the ground. They had windows broken by Liverpool fans who couldn’t get into the match and thought they’d have a bit of fun. My sister and I were there at the time, and 4 statements were taken by the police. There was quite a bit of damage and fighting going on, and we could here the sirens on the ambulances going off

    There is no excuse for police altering statements but not everything was as it appears to be today, I sincerely hope our statements were not altered or lost.


    • Cass, they have probably been completely ignored like the dozens of others appear to have been by this so-call “Independent” enquiry.. This whole enquiry has been corrupted by the legal wizzkid, Michael Mansfield QC who has spent his whole working life corrupting the truth in British Courts and now he has done it with this enquiry.


    • No offence Cas, but what has your story got to do with what I was saying? As I’ve said, nothing to do with me, just like my comment has nothing to do with you.


  9. Any sign of an apology from Darren Hughes?

    Given his involvement in the snide comments you would hope that he would have the grace to

    Then again he is looking to find a safe ward for his return to RMBC, so I suppose this is the type of conduct you should expect to see from an individual hoping to become a Labour Councillor.


  10. bearing in mind the disgraceful cover up on a mammoth scale and so much heartache for the relatives of their loved ones. In interests of accountability, the police responsible should be held accountable but also those on the police authority both at the time and over the years.

    There must be justice for the 96.

    No more coverups, white washes and corporate lies


  11. It was thought that new labour
    Woz dead…

    But not with former bubbly tory boys and wannabees without a real labour bone in them

    Wonder when the penny will drop for those who blindly took the shilling and saddled us with all this pfi debt

    Chickens coming home to roost

    No doubt, sold off to Bernard mathews who will be waiting in the wings


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