MacShane – Who do you believe?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

A question for all you canny readers.

Who do you believe in the latest MacSh**e saga that’s now Rotherham Politics frontpage?

1. Him?

2. House of Commons committee?

I just love a good weepy story, don’t you? I’m weeping with joy, mirth and amusement

Yours in mirth, amusement, happiness, exultation, rib-tickling chuckling n guffawing,

“type of man of the left for whom the essential and intrinsic virtuousness of his public positions allows him to retain his sense of personal rectitude even when his private conduct is deplorable.” Dominic Lawson Seems to sum up the situation pretty well to me!

7 thoughts on “MacShane – Who do you believe?

  1. Well, I started reading the statement on his web-page but then I noticed what must now be his ex-email address of “macshaned @”
    I kinda think his new one should be “macshamed @ some place or other.


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