34 thoughts on “Taking care of business!

  1. Trying to show councillors are in the wrong or not doing there job properly is one thing but I think involving his children is a total new low, I won’t be commenting on this site again as I think it has nothing to do with his children. I also can’t see where there is wrong in inviting a work colleague to a private family function.


    • It was not Rothpol, that first used this picture for political purposes but Sarah Champion with her twitpic! I can only suggest you address your complaints to her.
      I also wish the bride the very best for the future.


      • Reed the tweet, where Sarah says half of masborough was there? Get real love its asain wedding 90% of people are from out of town.


    • So why don’t you tell sarah champion off for putting the picture on.
      She was the one who has put it on twitter.
      So it perfectly fine for a MP to put picture on twitter, also what’s wrong with putting the picture on the blog.
      He is not getting the children involved.
      He is stating facts it is not a family picture, it is a funny politician picture, even politicians are in the picture in the wedding not family. How funny is that.
      If you don’t want to comment then that’s entirely upto you.


  2. Su 51
    It didn’t matter one jot to akhtar when he got his daughter to write to the advertiser and use the school she works for to have a go at my disability
    I wonder if Denis was on the invite list also
    So come on su 51 what’s good for the goose is good for the gander in the dark side of Rotherham politics and Akhtar is sertanly on the dark side ( no pun intended) I was referring to the Jedi ml


  3. If anyone got problem with this picture.
    They should contact Sarah champion MP and make a formal complaint agaist Sarah Champion not start blaming Rotherham politics for just putting the picture up.
    She is the one who is proud to show the picture to everyone on twitter, the funny thing is ASBO controlling the business by taking a picture with the politicians and people need to understand ASBO lost the plot.
    I am shocked Denis Mcshane and Shabana not on the picture.
    I bet shabana and Denis will be gutted as there pictures not be taken.


    • I am sorry for the offending sentence in the comment you must be referring to and I have deleted the offending part. I hadn’t noticed it when I approved the comment.

      I make no apology for editing out your profanities, they were quite unnecessary.


  4. Someone please tell me that the post from Shabbir Akhtar is not a genuine response from a real person and is a spoof.

    If not and there is an individual called Shabbir Akhtar and the post can be traced back to him then the police should be involved.

    Lets hope that the so called Shabbir Akhtar was not involved in the takeaway assault as this would not look good and even more reason for the police to get involved

    Is there a connection between the Deputy Leader of RMBC and Shabbir Akhtar?


    • Your questions may all have been addressed in a previous post:

      Down Memory Lane

      A Labour councillor caught up in a drunken fight in a restaurant was yesterday given 130 hours’ community service.

      “Jahangir Akhtar, 41, was spared a prison term because of his record of helping community relations in Rotherham, where the row broke out between diners last September.

      Hull crown court was told that Akhtar, a member of the controlling Labour group on Rotherham council, played a leading role in kicking and punching a customer. Judge Simon Lawler described the attack as “a serious incident which led to a number of people being injured and needing hospital treatment”.

      After the hearing, Akhtar said he would continue as a councillor. “I will serve my community no matter what happens. Whether that is in the Labour party largely depends on the reaction today.”

      The court heard that Akhtar, a taxi driver in Rotherham, went to the Minar Balti restaurant in response to a mobile phone call from his brother Tesadiq Hussein, 31, who was drunk and abusive and falsely claimed that he had been attacked by staff.

      Akhtar, his son Azzizum, 20, and his brother Shabbir, a 36-year-old martial arts instructor, arrived at about 11.30pm. Fighting broke out.

      “Shabbir Akhtar struck a blow to a customer eating his meal and then Jahangir Akhtar joined in the assault on him,” said Rodney Jameson, prosecuting. “The man was kicked and punched and fell to the floor and was punched again. He got a black eye.”

      Judge Lawler told Akhtar that he had been given glowing references including an accolade from a former police commander in Rotherham.

      Hussein was jailed for 14 months for his part in the affray; Azzizum Akhtar was given 80 hours of community service and Shabbir Akhtar 130 hours”


  5. Is that a bit of an implied threat from Shabby?

    Is he Akhtar’s son by any chance? A chip off the old block? Like father, like son? Is he the boy Akhtar meant in a recent exchange with our gracious MP when he said that his daughters gave him more pride than his sons?

    Given that the only reason we would know him is for his fine collection of Community Service hours for violent behaviour his words could be so construed.

    Can I ask? Does one get a certificate for Community Service Hours?

    I have this fantasy of Asbo and sons at a CS Award Ceremony, on a stage proudly receiving certificates. Wearing academic mortarboards and gowns, with matching ankle tagging bracelets.

    A video- link to good old Tesadiq in Winsom Green “sorry you can’t be here with me lads, but I’m sure it won’t be long and I’m proud that you’re keeping up the family tradition”

    In the background there’s Shaban tearfully saying how proud she is of “her boy”.

    MP Sarah tweeted “OMG 90% of Doncaster High Security are here. Must be worth a few votes”.
    Response: “er Sarah, Prisoners can’t vote”
    Sarah: “Oh”

    I have a vivid imagination. Don’t I?


    • Shabir Akhtar or Shabby as you refer to him is Jahangir Akhtar’s brother not his son.
      Convicted of a crime of thuggery along with other relatives! Nice family.

      The family that preys together, stays together, comes to my mind.


  6. How sad is Rotherham politics.
    Why would you involve Family into politics, now I understand you have a small very small brain


    • I will not respond to your intemperate comment, save to offer you a welcome to Rotherham Politics.

      Let me introduce, the secretary of Rotherham Private Hire Taxi Association, to readers. I’m told, he prefers the title of General Secretary! Self aggrandisement or what!


  7. Azar you need to look at the picture properly.
    I didn’t know any of the councillors an MP are close members of the family.
    Other then ASBO.
    Have you noticed shabana and even Denis Mshame not on the picture.


    • Vice Captain of the good ship Police & Crime Panel no less!

      When he turns up at Rotherham Police Station with incredible complaints, they are nevertheless investigated and the victim is thereby intimidated by the Police on his behalf! Simples, as it is said!

      In Rotherham, there is one law for the powerful and quite another for the rest of us, it would appear. The only thing I don’t understand is the apparent cooperation by the Police in his nasty spiteful little political games, or have I misunderstood what is going on here.

      Wasting Police time is only one of his calumnies!

      Anyone with information on Akhtar’s party tricks, can send it to me, in confidence. Rothpol.


  8. Asbo once said.
    “If he gets elected in Rotherham, People will kiss his feet.”
    Do you know something the runway bride was not on the photos, I am sure she is angry with Asbo.
    Look at the way he puts his arms around cllr sims, I am sure she is loving Asbo posture.
    Is that true yes or no.


  9. I am sure Asbo upset someone, that posture with his arms, it’s getting touchy with cllr sims.
    I don’t think runaway bride won’t like that.
    I am sure runaway bride heart, will be heartbroken with that picture of Asbo and cllr sims.


  10. Whilst at a planning meeting to oppose EDL Akhtar told us what he personally would like to do with them. Akhtar then mimed using a pump action shotgun, in Bruce Willis style. Outrageous behaviour for someone so important!


  11. Sarah
    Can I ask you a question.
    So if a Sarah Champion MP can Put the picture on her twitter to show people it is a political picture, what wrong with putting it on a political website.
    Sally you are not making sense in what you write sometimes.
    In the wedding pictures are the people not political people or are they family members.


    • This wedding, as well as celebrating the nuptials, was indeed a political event also. Sarah Champion MP put the featured picture up online, as part of her attempts to convince us she is up to the task!

      The photograph shows Jahangir Akhtar’s hypocrisy for inviting these two, after everything he has said about them! Surprising also, that they should have accepted?


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