More on Akhtar’s MO!

A reader who goes under the name Katarias left this interesting comment that brings an even greater illumination into Akhtars modus operandi:

“Last thursday 30 january 2014 a fight broke out between two family members on the taxi rank, where one driver had suffered from bruising and 4 broken teeth, the katari family got involved to call the truce.
The pertpetrator was held over night in police custody and charged with GBHs he was also reported to licensing.
Mansha Hussain Jangir Aktar right hand man contacted Asbo and Jangir spoke to these 2 drivers and became the mediator where these individual were invited to Jangir house on Monday night.
A cash payment was made to Jangir who has assured the perpetrator that no action will be taken by police or licencing.
He reminded the drivers he has done them a huge favour and one day they will need to pay him back.
He also informed them that his election is due and they must do leaflet drop for them and sell his tickets for a charity event.
Talk about control.”

There was me thinking that this is Rotherham, in the 21st Century?

Originally left as a comment on the previous post: Surprise move by Akhtar

Full story on: the Jahangir Akhtar Files

One of Jahangir Akhtar’s methods, published previously: The MO?

14 thoughts on “More on Akhtar’s MO!

  1. After reading this article I made some enquiries I understand that there was a fight between two Drivers and not family members an amount was paid to Akhtar I understand this amount is compensation for the driver who was injured in the fight. I also understand the Akhtar gold both parties that there will NO action from the Police or RMBC licensing dept so we have a policeman , a judge, a licensing chief in one . Very worring?


  2. I am sure you published somewhere on here about the level of control Akhtar exercises in Rotherham. Any chance of letting me know where it is?


  3. You are getting very close to the essential man here and the way that he operates.

    Add this to the apparent lack of prosecutions for CSE in Rotherham?

    You will be very close to the nub of the problem, that has resulted in Akhtar being able to operate with total impunity!


    • Fear being replaced by contempt for Akhtar where it will hurt him most, amongst his own supporters!

      Jahangir has become the butt of much laughter, cruel jibes and jokes at his expense. His total humiliation will come, be in no doubt about that.


    • Ronnie remember the saying!!!
      Every dog has its days? These dogs have been over due.
      Well done Abdul Razaq well written comment.
      This is how ASBO has built his empire by bribery
      The katarees are well respected people in Rotherham.
      Did they really needed ASBO to sort this out (then again moneys involved ASBO is like BITCH ON HEAT).


  4. Another side of JA’s character was perhaps on display, in the Advertiser a few weeks ago, concerning a Border Agency raid on the Orient Express. JA present by co-incidence? pull the other one!


  5. A few years ago I came across a team of young lads knocking on pakistani houses and asking them for their polling cards of which they went and put maroof and aktars name on.

    These young lads did yhis continuously all day and I asked them why were they doing it. They informed me wouldn’t you for £500 a day. I told them this was election fraud and they laughed saying we are related to pc Aref gulam and saj bostan and are untouchable.

    I was shocked to hear this abd disgusted


  6. Then you should have filmed them on your phone and handed a copy into the police and relevant council authority. Then, if nothing was done, you should have contacted the press or taken out a civil action. This is how a similar incident was handled at Tower Hamlets.


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