The MO?

A recent comment from a character who uses the alias D for 9, seems to have given far more away about Asbo Akhtar’s Modus Operandi, than he would be comfortable with:

“Allegations? I could easily make an allegation about anyone innocently walking past me in the street and if it was a serious one of the nature we are talking of then it would, rightly so, have to be investigated to the full yet go no further due to “no evidence” but all of a sudden a totally innocent person (the one I made the allegation against) is now  labelled as having made threats against me.”  July 28, 2013 at 2:15

In fact, a perfect explanation of Jahangir Akhtar’s behaviour in making complaints to the Police to procure an investigation that ends up with the Police harassing the subject of the complaint on the complainants behalf. Harassment  by Cop, no less! Simples as they say, but absolutely outrageous!

Rotherham Politics has evidence of a number of examples, of just this kind of behaviour that demonstrates this approach to dealing with political opponents.

Why do the Police co-operate? Maybe as Vice-Chair of the Police and Crime Panel, they have to take him seriously? Wasting Police time, I would have thought was a serious matter, no matter who was doing it?

11 thoughts on “The MO?

  1. This happens when someone speaks up against Asbo he will intimidate each and every person by sending police to their house.
    Did you know asbo bit on the side is following asbo footsteps, I think she needs to understand asbo doesn’t clean his feet, I don’t think she can match the feet of asbo I am sure his feet smell worse then a person going to the bam where the Sheeps do they crap.


    • Bit on the side? Sheep crap? Wiping feet?……. You’re right rothpol I can see this is all about putting political wrongdoings transparently in front of people, this site is getting as low as some of the politicians we are trying to bring to book, I think we need to start talking less sheep crap and doing something more constructive


      • I was rather hoping for an explanation as to the significance of this myself, perhaps we will get one later?
        From yourself D for 9, I was expecting a little more than this paltry comment!
        Do you have no reflections on the subject matter of this post? After all it is your comments contents, that are up for discussion here!


  2. Involving the Police in political squabbles? Wasting Police time then, would be a party trick that has spread to the Hussain family, Mahroof and Vakas certainly!

    Rotherham Politics has documented many of the ways that both, the Akhtar and Hussain families, have abused their positions to keep control of their ‘community’ and their votes!

    Every example involves numerous breaches, of the applicable codes of conduct Akhtar and Mahroof are required to observe! On occasion, legal requirements are simply ignored with contempt!

    The ‘culture of impunity’ is coming to an end! Those responsible will be held to account and exposed!

    Labour should put the Rotherham Constituency into ‘special measures’ and at least suspend ‘temporarily’ his party card, if they want to avoid, the much more negative publicity in the weeks and months to come?

    Would have thought that would be the least Ed Miliband would require?


  3. To act without delay would, at least, allow Ed Miliband to take credit for taking action before this story again bursts on to the front pages of our national press!


  4. How can you trust Ed These days? Do you really think he truly believes the words in the Red Flag? He like those in Rotherham are creaming off the political system and hopefully at the next election UKIP will send most of borough councillors to Job Centre Plus!


  5. “On occasion, legal requirements are simply ignored with contempt!”

    Are you referring to the situation with the Taxi drivers and their failure to drive within the limits of their private hire licence and insurance perhaps?

    Heard Sajid Boston got himself into a bit of bother just recently, can someone enlighten us?


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